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  • Online seminar on the thematic selection procedure 2020  
    Date: 23-03-21
    9 December 2020 - Presentation and Q&A Session Presentation See this presentation for further details on the online seminar.   Thematic selection procedure 2020 …  
  • Climate action projects for transport made easy  
    Date: 23-03-21
    The goals of the Paris Agreement cannot be achieved without sustainable transport and the large-scale decarbonisation of this sector. Transport is the sector with the highest energy consumption in…  
  • Accelerating an energy transition in Southeast Asia  
    Date: 22-03-21
    Southeast Asia is one of the fastest growing regions in the world, with energy demand projected to increase by 70% by 2040 compared to 2015. The share of renewables in Southeast Asia’s power sector…  
  • Guidelines for Building a National Landscape of Climate Finance  
    Date: 22-03-21
    Since 2011, Climate Policy Initiative (CPI) has produced The Global Landscape of Climate Finance series (the Landscape), which is the most comprehensive inventory of climate change investment…  
  • Mitigating greenhouse gas emissions  
    Date: 19-03-21
    Consumption and production Sustainable energy supply       Carbon markets Ambitious climate policy Sustainable transport Alternatives to F gases   Carbon…  
  • 20210319_RfP_PER_Final_ENG.pdf  
    Date: 19-03-21
    IKI Country Specific Selection Procedure 2020 Peru Funding information for projects within the International Climate Initiative (IKI) of the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation…  
  • Reschedule our cities  
    Date: 19-03-21
    To tackle the pollution caused by traffic jams and other forms of urban congestion, cities can avoid building new physical infrastructure by using digital tools to do more with existing resources.…  
  • IKI Small Grants  
    Date: 18-03-21
    Funding information Funding information IKI Small Grants (English | PDF 870 KB) Annexes to the grant agreement Annex 5: Template for the reports (English | DOC, 153 KB) Annex 6: Template for…  
  • Safeguarding livelihoods and promoting resilience through National Adaptation Plans: Case study Uganda  
    Date: 18-03-21
    This case study on Uganda aims to show the links between long-term adaptation planning and activities supported by the NAP–Ag programme as well as the resulting impacts.  
  • The Nitric Acid Climate Action Group (NACAG)  
    Date: 17-03-21
    Climate change is undisputedly one of today’s greatest challenges. The fertiliser industry is a major source of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions around the world. The application and use of synthetic…