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Kenya - Electromobility in Nairobi  
Date: 10-02-20
Kenya - Electromobility in Nairobi With much electricity already coming from renewable energy, there is great potential for e-mobility in Kenya. But tackling air pollution through sustainable…  
Enhanced Transparency Framework: The Transition Starts Now!  
Date: 06-02-20
At a point in which the negotiations on the Modalities, Procedures and Guidelines (MPGs) of the Enhanced Transparency Framework (ETF) have been concluded, and with the corresponding common tabular…  
Citizen journalism for the Mekong  
Date: 02-02-20
The Mekong River is the lifeline of Southeast Asia, crossing five countries until it terminates in the sediment enriched delta in Vietnam. Millions of people depend on the Mekong for their…  
Finding creative solutions to India's waste problem  
Date: 31-01-20
Finding creative solutions to India's waste problem With rapid urbanization, New Delhi is facing a massive waste management problem. A social start-up wants to turn the city's trash into trendy…  
TRANSfer Project - Facilitating Ambitious Transport Actions  
Date: 31-01-20
TRANSfer Project - Facilitating Ambitious Transport Actions This films explains how the TRANSfer project acted together with partners in the Philippines as a mitigation action preparation…  
Date: 30-01-20
International Climate Initiative (IKI) | If this e-mail does not display correctly, please click here. Website | Contact | Imprint NEWSLETTER 1/2020 NEWS PUBLICATIONS EVENTS VIDEOS IKI launches…  
Scaling-up Ecosystem-based Adaptation in Guatemala  
Date: 30-01-20
Until now, Ecosystem-based Adaptation (EbA) did not feature on Guatemala´s environmental policy agenda. The recent National Forum on EbA, marks the first time that actors from the government…  
World Climate Conference  
Date: 30-01-20
The World Climate Conference is the annual Conference of the Parties (COP) and the highest body of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). All Parties to the…  
Date: 29-01-20
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COP 25  
Date: 29-01-20
World Environment Day in Kolumbien 11.12.2019 World Environment Day in Colombia Colombia will host 2020 World Environment Day on biodiversity. Germany supports Colombia with 725,000 EUR in IKI…