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  • A climate adaptation plan for Santiago de Chile  
    Date: 17-12-12
    … of the CAS project in Santiago, together with the implementation mechanisms, are designed to be transferable to six further South American megacities. To that end, the project is cooperating with the…  
  • Pioneers in climate protection  
    Date: 28-07-14
    … during the development and implementation of these activities, and providing recommendations on transferring the approaches presented here. This information should facilitate an international and…  
  • Climate-proof investing - international exchange of experience  
    Date: 15-08-14
    … which success factors play a role, which lessons have been learned and the extent to which they are transferrable to other regions and countries. 'Climate change is not just an environmental issue. It is also…  
  • Bikin Tiger Carbon Project receives JI and CCB certification  
    Date: 16-01-13
    … JI is a mechanism defined in the Kyoto Protocol, which allows emissions reduction certificates to be transferred from one state to another. The CCB Standard recognises projects that protect the climate and…  
  • Scaling up sustainable transport in East Africa  
    Date: 20-11-18
    … think. By seeing the reality, they get a much better sense of the real needs. Is the project approach transferable to other regions? Absolutely. ITDP has been working in the region for a number of years. We’ve…  
  • Energy efficient greenhouses for southern Patagonia  
    Date: 14-12-16
    … to implement here in Magallanes. The delegation trip has also established a basis for technology transfers.’  
  • Driving using solar energy  
    Date: 23-10-14
    … wind and hydropower; geothermal; and storage and hydrogen technologies. The REN@EARTH project for transferring know-how on using renewable energies is a great success. It was founded with support from…  
  • A sunny future for Uzbekistan  
    Date: 05-01-17
    … In order to expand the scope of technical applications in October 2016 the solar system was transferred to the farm Zangzor that offers a broader spectrum of agricultural technologies including the…  
  • Energy efficiency in Thai hotels - project concluded successfully  
    Date: 04-04-11
    … in Thailand. These capacity building measures allow the experience gained within the project to be transferred to other hotels and regions, thus having a lasting impact.   
  • Water utilities in Jordan address climate change  
    Date: 31-03-17
    … Representatives from water and wastewater companies in Jordan started the year with a training workshop that transferred knowledge and has built capacity on how water and wastewater utilities can address climate…