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  • Exploring mechanisms to promote High Biodiversity REDD: Piloting in Viet Nam  
    Date: 30-04-13
    … Furthermore, the project partners identified opportunities for integrating social and environmental safeguards into existing processes and practices. Incorporating REDD+ safeguards and co-benefits required the…  
  • Support the World Bank in co-hosting the REDD Partnership Secretariat  
    Date: 13-09-17
    … development of a REDD+ mechanism. Within this partnership, Germany mainly supported the inclusion of Safeguards and the participation of civil society representatives. Main tasks included developing a voluntary…  
  • New Biodiversity & REDD+ internet platform  
    Date: 12-03-12
    … biodiversity as parts of international, national and sub-national REDD+ activities, standards and safeguards; FCA and SNV seek to ensure that the new REDD+ mechanism contributes to the long-term conservation…  
  • 20201012_IKI_Newsletter_08_2020.pdf  
    Date: 12-10-20
    … with Oliver Hillel, Programme Officer at the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD). READ MORE Safeguards for International Climate Initiative projects Read on the systematic safeguards approach that IKI…  
  • Intact forests for climate change mitigation  
    Date: 26-03-21
    … Fund (GCF) in particular has a key role to play in REDD+ financing.  Social and environmental safeguards, and additional benefits of carbon sequestration Internationally,  the conservation of…  
  • Country specific selection procedure: South Africa  
    Date: 16-04-21
    … Guidelines and Standardindacators (PDF | 568 KB) __________________________________ Safeguards (PDF | 357 KB) __________________________________ News article The deadline for the…  
  • Emission mitigation and carbon sequestration  
    Date: 26-03-21
    … are developing methods for monitoring greenhouse gas emissions and information systems for REDD+ safeguards. Back to the overview page preserving and restoring natural carbon sinks  
  • The water sector – contributing to the implementation of Grenada’s NDCs  
    Date: 27-11-19
    … A virtual inception workshop was held in July 2020, where project content, objectives and safeguards measures were presented and discussed with key stakeholders from government, civil society,…  
  • IKI_Innovative_Financing_for_Climate_Protection.pdf  
    Date: 04-03-16
    … of selected parts of national and regional programmes on adaptation to climate change • Financial safeguards against the effects of climate change Conservation and sustainable use of natural carbon…  
  • Call for project outlines on sustainable recovery  
    Date: 11-11-20
    … standards. Since 2017, IKI has therefore applied a systematic and binding approach known as IKI safeguards, which all IKI-funded organisations must agree upon to plan and implement an IKI-project Learn…