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Date: 18-03-20
… Indicators must be specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-bound (SMART). 3 Gender mainstreaming and participation The IKI’s policy is an integral approach to promoting equal…  
Gender-Sensitive Conference Planning  
Date: 12-03-20
… A successful climate policy requires a wide range of ideas, competences and perspectives. The aspects of gender and social integration must therefore be increasingly mainstreamed into all global climate protection…  
Peruvian indigenous women in the face of climate change  
Date: 11-03-20
… The consequences of climate change affect women differently, deepening the existing gender inequality gap. In the case of indigenous populations, community representation is generally associated with the exclusive…  
International Women’s Day – empowering female stakeholders in climate protection  
Date: 09-03-20
… in the results. This situation should be changed, enabling climate policy to become more effective, gender inclusive and sustainable. An example, at the local level, women play a central role for climate…  
Gender and NDCs: Country Progress and Key Findings  
Date: 09-03-20
… The IKI-project UNDP "NDC Support Programme" organized a global gender workshop on the NDC planning for implementation from April 24-26, 2019 in Nairobi, Kenya.With a focus on governance, planning and policy alignment,…  
Gender Analysis and NDCs: Short Guidance for Government Stakeholders  
Date: 09-03-20
… This short guidance for government stakeholders on conducting a gender analysis for NDCs explains how the analysis should provide recommendations on gender-responsive policy alignment, institutional coordination,…  
Gender Responsive Indicators: Gender and NDC Planning for Implementation  
Date: 09-03-20
Gender responsiveness refers to outcomes that reveal an understanding of gender roles, inequalities and encourage equal participation with fair distribution of benefits. It is accomplished through gender analysis, that…  
Date: 06-03-20
…UNDP’s Continuing Contributions to Advancing Gender Equality in Climate Action through NDCs ABOUT UNDP UNDP’s work on climate change spans more than 140 countries and USD $3.7 billion in investments in climate change…  
UNDP’s Continuing Contributions to Advancing Gender Equality in Climate Action through NDCs  
Date: 06-03-20
… contributions made by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) to integrate the aspect of gender equality into NDCs.  
Date: 06-03-20
… are to those of a current/completed project, the more precise the delimitation or link must be. Gender mainstreaming and participation The IKI has adopted a policy on promoting equal opportunities for…