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  • 180913_Adressing_Agriculture__Forestry_and_Fisheries_in_National_Adaptation_Plans_Supplementary_Guidelines_FR.pdf  
    Date: 13-09-18
    …s adaptatifs de gestion des cultures ont la capacité d’augmenter les récoltes de 7 à 15 pour cent en moyenne (Müller et Elliot, 2015). Ces résultats dépendent toutefois énormément de la région et du type de culture…  
  • 180913_Adressing_Agriculture__Forestry_and_Fisheries_in_National_Adaptation_Plans_Supplementary_Guidelines_EN.pdf  
    Date: 13-09-18
    … changes in crop management have the potential to increase yields by an average of 7–15 percent (Müller and Elliot, 2015). These results however, depend strongly on the region and crop being considered. For…  
  • 180913_Adressing_Agriculture__Forestry_and_Fisheries_in_National_Adaptation_Plans_Supplementary_Guidelines_ES.pdf  
    Date: 13-09-18
    … gestión de cultivos tienen el potencial de aumentar los rendimientos en entre 7 a un 15%, en promedio (Müller y Eliot, 2015). Estos resultados, no obstante, dependen en gran medida de la región y de los cultivos…  
  • 180912_Coordinating_Finance.pdf  
    Date: 12-09-18
    … Institute) Acknowledgement for Review and Input Philipp Munzinger, Daniela Lassmann, Nicole Müller, Karl Dören (GIZ GmbH) Citation GIZ Proklima - Cool Contributions fighting Climate Change (2018):…  
  • 180820_WWF-SA_Low-carbon_manuf.pdf  
    Date: 20-08-18
    … efficiency (A = most efficient) 4 5 6 7 8 9 Page 8 | Low-carbon manufacturing Schischke, K., Müller, J. & Reichl, H. 2006. EcoDesign in European Small and Medium Sized Enterprises of the Electrical and…  
  • 20180813_Green_Cooling_Initiative_Non-state-action.pdf  
    Date: 13-08-18
    … Andres, Daniela Boos, Leon Becker, Alireza Saadatfar, Maraida Licerio, Maike Kauffmann, Nicole Müller (GIZ GmbH) Sashika Kaluwahewa (Jetwing Hotels) Olaf Schulze (METRO Group) Dietram Oppelt (HEAT GmbH)…  
  • 180523_FAO_Viet_Nam.pdf  
    Date: 23-05-18
    … compared with undigested compaction, while increasing the amount of pore slurries (Möller and Müller, 2012). However, in space available for plant roots and the entry of a review of 11 field trials…  
  • 180406_CFCC_Urban_Planning.pdf  
    Date: 06-04-18
    … u /a r t icle s/doi: 10.1038/537605a. [Accessed: 1 November 2016). Birkmann, J., Schanze, J., Müller, P., Stock, M., & für Raumforschung, A. (2012). Anpassung an den Kli­ mawandel durch räumliche…  
  • Press_Review_2017.pdf  
    Date: 07-02-18
    Press Review 2017 International Climate Initiative (IKI) of the BMUB Compiled by: Program Office International Climate Initiative (IKI) Public Relations Department P +49 (0)30 338424-218 F +49  
  • Pressespiegel_2017_DEU.pdf  
    Date: 17-01-18
    Pressespiegel 2017 der Internationalen Klimaschutzinitiative (IKI) des BMUB Zusammengestellt von: Programmbüro Internationale Klimaschutzinitiative (IKI) Abteilung Öffentlichkeitsarbeit T +49 (0)30  
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