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  • RZD Energy Efficiency Programme  
    Date: 30-04-13
    … potential of railway stations and other building stock and providing employee training. Knowledge transfer for staff in relevant posts at major railway hubs such as Moscow, Murmansk and Sochi made it…  
  • Integrated financial management of climate risks in the agricultural sector in Peru  
    Date: 01-11-13
    … in Peru The project advises the Peruvian Ministry of Agriculture (MINAGRI) on establishing a risk-transfer system with the backing of both the state and the private sector. The system will improve food…  
  • Winner of the IKU Award 2017: Renewables Academy AG (RENAC)  
    Date: 23-03-18
    … and Climate Protection" in the category "Climate and Environmental Protection Technology Transfer in Developing and Emerging Countries and in Eastern European Countries".  
  • Climate Protection Networks in China  
    Date: 30-04-13
    … individual technology sectors, particularly the lighting sector Workshops conducted to foster the transfer of know-how in the area of industrial climate protection Innovative training concept developed to…  
  • Enabling climate-friendly transport  
    Date: 23-08-17
    … The project "Towards Climate-Friendly Transport Technologies and Measures (TRANSfer)" has been implemented in several phases since 2010. Activities range from replacing old minibuses with new vehicles in…  
  • Developing transport NAMAs  
    Date: 05-01-12
    … (NAMAs) in the transport sector. The International Climate Initiative (ICI) is contributing via the TRANSfer project.  Economic growth in developing countries is causing a sharp rise in their…  
  • Preparatory Workshops for Developing and Newly Industrialising Countries for Negotiations on a 2009 Climate Agreement  
    Date: 30-04-13
    … opportunity to define and coordinate their negotiating strategies on climate change and technology transfer, financing, adaptation, mitigation, flexible mechanisms and other urgent issues. United Nations…  
  • Knowing more about green energy   
    Date: 23-08-10
    … and emerging economies there is often a lack of such knowledge.This is precisely where TREE (Transfer Renewable Energy & Efficiency) comes in: it promotes the transfer of knowledge by holding…  
  • Climate Partnerships with the Private Sector  
    Date: 19-11-15
    … flows as a driver to stimulate a low-carbon development process. The project enhances the transfer of technology and knowledge in the areas of renewable energies and energy efficiency.  
  • Devolving climate change governance in Kwale County, Kenya  
    Date: 13-11-18
    … to simplify climate change terminology as well as give practical methods for enhancing knowledge transfer between different stakeholders. The guide is intended to serve as a reference for sustainable…