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New insurance solutions to protect states particularly vulnerable to climate change  
Date: 05-12-11
… livelihoods due to the impact of a hurricane or a flood by offering microinsurance and other risk transfer solutions linked with disaster risk reduction and risk management. Developing countries located in…  
Innovative Insurance Products for Climate Change Adaptation  
Date: 30-04-13
… are followed up in the IKI project “Promoting integrated mechanisms for climate risk management and transfer”. 09_II_072_GHA_G_Versicherungen  
Compensatory Payments for the Protection of Indigenous Community Forests within the context of Peru´s Tropical Forest Programme (CBC II)  
Date: 24-06-14
… regional, local) and the indigenous organisations contributed to the coordinated management of transfer payments. Ministry of Environment (MINAM) - Peru ,Amazonas Regional Government - Peru,Madre de…  
India: Advancing solar energy in cities  
Date: 28-09-15
… models to market solar energy in urban and industrial areas and is focussed especially on technology transfer, information campaigns and educational programmes for local partners. Two renowned partners, Delhi…  
"Pigs for Kilowatt" - Utilising Pig Slurry to Produce Biogas  
Date: 30-04-13
… and technical aspects has been carried out Draft Project Design Document (PDD) drawn up Transfer of knowledge about use of biogas achieved through two workshops involving government…  
Reducing nitrous oxide emissions  
Date: 21-11-16
… During the first phase, a technical advisory and support unit will primarily provide knowledge transfer on this issue and thereby determine the local technical and economic feasibility of using N2O…  
South-South exchange of experience: renewable energies  
Date: 06-11-18
… for solar and wind energy. Quantifying this potential is currently the focus of the IKI project. The transfer of Chile’s experiences to other Latin American countries is being promoted through IKI projects…  
Capacity Building for Climate Protection  
Date: 30-04-13
… were intended to serve as showcases and to present German industry with options for technology transfer. Specific local measures included the provision of advice on the development and implementation of…  
Date: 28-09-15
… to a sustainable, low-carbon economy. IKI partners receive support in the form of knowledge transfer, technology cooperation, policy advice and investment measures, enabling them to develop and…  
Date: 01-10-15
… and training of small agricultural producers through workshops as well as knowledge and experience transfer. The project was implemented by Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) on…