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Designing and Communicating Low Carbon Energy Roadmaps for Small Island States of the Caribbean  
Date: 30-04-13
… through renewable energies and energy efficiency. It identified potential for the international transfer of technology and possible sources of financial support. Implementation of the roadmap has been…  
REN@EARTH - Facilitating Clean Energy Knowledge Acquisition (for Students) in the Humid Tropics with a Multiplier Effect  
Date: 30-04-13
… in order to reduce carbon emissions and energy imports was reached by facilitating know-how transfer to students, industry and other stakeholders, the foundation for a sustainable local value creation…  
Date: 09-11-17
… developments, huge efforts and immediate action by all stakeholders are needed. PROJECT EXAMPLES: TRANSfer: Umbrella for Transport NAMAs Worldwide TRANSfer is a unique umbrella project for transport-related…  
Retailers launch Climate Protection Initiative  
Date: 15-02-12
… the form of know-how and technical assistance. In addition to the concrete reductions in CO2, the transfer of energy conservation know-how is a crucial aspect of the Initiative.   
Training of key stakeholders for climate protection in the housing sector  
Date: 12-02-14
… completed In the framework of the project a pool of Chinese trainers for a widespread knowledge transfer was built to ensure the continuation of the project. New interactive methods and action training…  
Tafo Mihaavo, re-emergence of a national social movement in support of the customary governance of natural resources in Madagascar  
Date: 05-06-19
… in Malagasy language. The 'Anja Declaration' states TAFO MIHAAVO's goals and calls for the increased transfer of natural resource management to local communities throughout Madagascar. Acknowledging the…  
Permanent Office – Indo-German Energy Forum (Phase 2 – Climate Change Mitigation and Decentralised Power Generation – Indo-German Energy Forum)  
Date: 30-04-13
… were offered, such as the organization of events, the support of cooperation projects and technology transfer as well as the exchange of experiences on sustainable energy policy. Ministry of New and Renewable…  
Development of a CO2 baseline, monitoring and capacity building for REDD to reduce emissions from deforestation and forest degradation in Thailand  
Date: 30-04-13
… development in Xe Pian National Park, southern Laos,’ which focused on capacity building and knowledge transfer with the CarBi project in Laos and Viet Nam. The refusal to grant official rights to fly over…  
Joining forces for marine conservation: Sustainable Oceans Lab founded  
Date: 19-03-15
… exchange and networking among the participants in order to generate new perspectives and help transfer experience. This is an approach that will lay a foundation for long-term, successful partnerships to…  
Improving Energy Efficiency in the Water Sector  
Date: 30-04-13
… of new pumps, improvement of operation and repair processes through outsourcing). Build operate transfer and contracting schemes were developed in order to implement the measures. By this the WAJ involved…