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  • Transport Sector Climate Change Annual Report  
    Date: 24-02-20
    This report provides a summary of climate change mitigation and adaptation measures in the Kenyan transport sector for the year 2018/2019. It summarises the greenhouse gas emission profile of the…  
  • Kenya: Sugar cane as a green fuel  
    Date: 24-02-20
    Kenya: Sugar cane as a green fuel Kenya is one of Africa's major tea producers. Traditionally, wood is used as fuel to dry the tea leaves. Tebesonik is a company that uses briquets made of waste…  
  • 200220_Ulaanbaatar_HWC_2019.pdf  
    Date: 20-02-20
    MINISTRY OF ENVIRONMENT AND TOURISM The Asia Foundation is a nonprofit international development organization committed to improving lives across a dynamic and developing Asia. Informed by six…  
  • Ulaanbaatar Household waste composition study report  
    Date: 20-02-20
    This study analyses the composition of waste in Ulaanbaatar and shall serve as a basis for future urban development.  
  • How rice straw paper protects the climate  
    Date: 20-02-20
    The Seed Awards are presented to selected climate-friendly start-ups. In addition to the prize money, the winners receive technical support such as assistance in developing business plans. The…  
  • Compact with Africa  
    Date: 20-02-20
    Video: “Compact with Africa” IKI Projects in CwA countries The IKI is active in all twelve CwA countries, supporting bilateral, regional and global projects on climate protection, the…  
  • Protection of migratory species  
    Date: 18-02-20
    Although it is still winter, the cranes can already be seen and clearly heard in the sky, as they fly from the warm south of Europe on their way to Scandinavia, a journey of several thousand…  
  • IKI at the World Urban Forum  
    Date: 13-02-20
    Cities already provide a home for more than 50% of the earth’s population and experts estimate that this figure will rise to almost 70% by 2050. The urbanisation trend will mainly take place in…  
  • 100% Renewables Cities and Regions Roadmap  
    Date: 12-02-20
    100% Renewables Cities and Regions Roadmap This video is about the 100% Renewables Cities and Regions project that collaborates with local and regional governments in Argentina, Indonesia and Kenya…  
  • IKI launches the Medium Grants funding programme  
    Date: 12-02-20
    The International Climate Initiative (IKI) uses thematic and country-specific selection procedures to fund prioritised high-volume programmes that aimed  at accelerating the development towards…