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  • Cities are the hub of the global green recovery  
    Date: 05-03-21
    The COVID-19 pandemic has imposed sobering impacts on the world’s cities.  Today we live in times of a pandemic with a silent and aggressive virus, which can even be lethal and has transformed…  
  • Corona Response Package - rapid assistance for sustainable recovery  
    Date: 03-03-21
    Partnering for a green economic recovery UN PAGE supports countries and regions in taking action for green recovery.  Briefing for an economic green recovery Here, decision-makers and…  
  • Philippines: Facing COVID and the climate crisis  
    Date: 03-03-21
    Philippines: Facing COVID and the climate crisis Filipino fishing communities find ways to protect their livelihoods against COVID-19 and climate change. Colin Seranina has been a fisherman for 25…  
  • 5 reasons why wildlife conservation has no alternative  
    Date: 03-03-21
    From the mighty tiger to the humble worker bee, the huge variety of life on earth contributes to our lives and well-being in more ways than we think. From offering a wealth of natural medicines to…  
  • Online seminar on the thematic selection procedure 2020  
    Date: 03-03-21
    Country call Peru Click here to find all information and documents on the procedure.  Frequently asked questions Applicants can find answers to frequently asked questions about the…  
  • Chiles National Green Hydrogen Strategy  
    Date: 03-03-21
    In November 2020 President Sebastián Piñera and the Minister of Energy, Juan Carlos Jobet, announced the ambitious National Green Hydrogen Strategy, which will allow the development of a green…  
  • Biodiversity of the Herpetofauna of the Myunkum Desert, Kazakhstan  
    Date: 02-03-21
    CADI Fellow Marina Chirikova (Kazakhstan) did a review of the herpetofauna of the Muyunkum Desert in the south of Kazakhstan.  
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    Date: 01-03-21
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    Date: 01-03-21
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  • IKI Guidelines for international applicants  
    Date: 01-03-21
    Download IKI guidelines for international applicants This document provides administrative guidance about grants from the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear…