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  • Concept for an integrated reporting mechanism for transport, climate change and SDGs  
    Date: 06-04-21
    This paper argues that a transparent reporting system is key, in order to better unravel the multiple impacts of policy action and to assess progress towards a sustainable transport transformation.…  
  • IKI_Newsletter_03_2021.pdf  
    Date: 01-04-21
    International Climate Initiative (IKI) | If this e-mail does not display correctly, please click here. Website | Contact | Imprint NEWSLETTER 3/2021 NEWS PUBLICATIONS EVENTS VIDEOS Global EbA…  
  • Electric mobility and low carbon passenger road transport in India  
    Date: 01-04-21
    This study examines the Low-Carbon Road Transport (LCRT)/E-mobility development, accomplishments so far, supported by the policy, schemes, and regulatory interventions in India.  
  • Making peace with nature  
    Date: 01-04-21
    The UN General Assembly invites us to commemorate the annual ‘International Day of Conscience’ on 5 April by promoting a culture of peace with love and conscience. The invitation goes out to the UN…  
  • New IKI standard indicators  
    Date: 31-03-21
    Pilot: IKI is using new standard indicators to follow the Paris Agreement for the mobilisation of private and public finance Back in 2009, the world’s advanced economies signed the Copenhagen…  
  • Build Forward Better  
    Date: 30-03-21
    #08 GR Snapshots  #07 Reality Check #06 Biodiversity  #03 Tourism #04 NDCs and LTS #01 Monitoring  #05 Risk Governance #02…  
  • Powering Kenya's flower farms with the sun  
    Date: 30-03-21
    Powering Kenya's flower farms with the sun High electricity costs pose a problem for businesses in Kenya. But a German startup wants to help them make the switch to affordable clean energy with…  
  • Study of climate finance flows in Kenya  
    Date: 30-03-21
    A report from the National Treasury of Kenya and Climate Policy Initiative (CPI) and supported by International Climate Initiative (IKI) shows that climate-related investment in Kenya is…  
  • The Landscape of Climate Finance in Kenya  
    Date: 29-03-21
    This report presents Kenya’s first step towards enhancing transparency of the climate finance support needed and received through international and national sources. Further, it links the inputs and…  
  • Land usage and agriculture  
    Date: 26-03-21
    Selected projects Taking Land Use Change out of Commodity Production in Savannahs and Grasslands  Development of business models for cooperation with the private sector as a instrument for…