Protected areas and ecosystem services


In their programme of work on protected areas, the 195 signatory parties to the CBD set themselves the goal of placing at least 17 percent of the total area of land and inland waters under protection, as well as 10 percent of their coastal and maritime areas by 2020. Current efforts being worked on as part of drafting the Post-2020 Biodiversity Framework are calling for comprehensive land-use planning and that 30 percent of land and marine area are beeing protected.

The aim here is to conserve and restore natural ecosystems and ensure their sustainable management, so as to achieve a net increase in terms of the area, connectivity and integrity of natural ecosystems by 2030. Adaptation measures are also to be implemented as well as the landscape approach. These approaches ensure that conflicting land use interests and land use demands are balanced out in order to account for human wellbeing and the environment in equal measure. In particular, this affects those regions that exhibit a high level of biological diversity and which provide important ecosystem services.

The IKI approaches

Projects of the International Climate Initiative (IKI) help their partners to establish, expand, consolidate and connect protected areas, and ensure their effective management, while also restoring degraded habitats. One important aspect here is the involvement of local and indigenous communities, so that protective measures can be designed as participative and sustainable solutions. IKI projects work with these communities to develop strategies for the protection and sustainable use of the ecosystems and biological resources that provide them with their livelihoods.

This work also focusses on making use of indigenous and local knowledge, and ensuring the continued application of past good practice. In terms of IKI contributions and targets, the importance of enlarging the area protected and ensuring better ecosystem networking is matched by a need to increase the quality of this protection and maintain it over the long term.

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