Sustainable transport

Intersection in Pune India

The transport sector is responsible for roughly a quarter of global energy-related CO2 emissions, and is characterised by rapid growth, particularly in relation to the segment of motorised personal transport. Transport is therefore a prime candidate for decarbonisation in efforts to achieve the Paris climate targets. If current trends in motorised transport are not countered decisively at an early stage, this risks ‘locking in’ emissions in the form of widespread transport infrastructure based on the internal combustion engine.

Avoid – Shift – Improve – Fuel Switch

‘Avoid – Shift – Improve – Fuel Switch’ is recognised worldwide as an effective approach to sustainable transport: unnecessary routes are avoided, people and goods are encouraged to shift to more environmentally friendly means of transport, transport efficiency is improved in general and transport fuels are decarbonised. 

Many solutions to designing sustainable transport are available and have already been trialled. In both the passenger and goods transport segments, International Climate Initiative (IKI) is supporting national and local governments in partner countries in their efforts to raise the levels of funding for sustainable transport projects, and to rethink and realign their transport policies and planning. Key aspects of the IKI’s work here include support for local public transport and the integration of cyclists and pedestrians. 

The IKI’s transport portfolio also includes projects in the fields of shipping and alternative fuels for aviation and maritime transport, as well as alternative drive technologies such as EVs, with a particular focus on public transport. IKI therefore addresses a broad range of sustainable transport solutions to create clean, safe, affordable and accessible options for moving goods and people. 

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