03.12.2023 | COP-Side-Event | Projekt-Event

Photo exhibition: "Co-creating the Cities We Deserve"

People from all over the globe were invited to participate in creating a visual journey to help raise awareness on the many extraordinary activities shaping our urban landscapes into more sustainable, inclusive spaces with zero carbon emissions. The call to take pictures that exemplify communities working and learning together to create more sustainable and liveable cities for all inspired participants to capture 534 outstanding photographs and descriptions from 51 countries. The vibrant results display joint efforts and reflect groups organizing and sharing a continuous learning process in the quest for sustainable cities. Spanning 5 regions of the world, contributors offered images to illustrate the work done in their locations to create responsible and sustainable cities. The photo exhibition will be available from 3-11 December at the 5th Capacity-building Hub (Blue Zone) at COP28.

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Photo exhibition: "Co-creating the Cities We Deserve"
United Nations University - Institute of Environment and Human Security (UNU-EHS) 03.12.2023 - 11.12.2023 | -

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    vor Ort in Dubai
    5th Capacity-building Hub at COP28
    5th Capacity-building Hub, Oppurtunity Petal (Blue Zone) at the Expo City Dubai

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