Thematic Call 2023

Participation in the ideas competition

Funding or commissioning within the framework of the IKI Thematic Call 2023 is preceded by an ideas competition. Participation in the ideas competition of the Thematic Call is open to German and international grant recipients as well as to implementing organisations of the German Federal Government. 

To participate in the ideas competition of this year’s Thematic Call interested implementing organisations are invited to submit a project outline responding to one of the 13 thematic priorities listed below. Please find here a detailed description of these thematic priorities.


The deadline for submitting project outlines for this year’s ideas competition is 27 February 2024, 4 p.m. (CET). One or two projects per thematic priority will be selected. The funding volume provided by the IKI per project can range from 5 to 20 million EUR depending on the thematic priority.

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Thematic priorities

The following thematic priorities are available: 

  1. Climate-friendly transport: Support of partner countries in the creation of foundations, strategies, and concrete approaches for climate action and the propulsion/energy transition in transport    (BMWK)
  2. Embodied carbon: Decarbonisation of the construction and basic materials industry (BMWK)
  3. Flexibilisation of the distribution grids for the integration of high proportions of renewable energies (BMWK)
  4. Support to partner countries on the EU Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM) and carbon pricing for the decarbonisation of industry (BMWK)
  5. Scaling up of successful mitigation-relevant IKI approaches in the fields of energy, energy efficiency, industry, finance, and mobility  (BMWK)
  6. Closing the loop – circular and resource-efficient management as a driver for climate and environmental protection, especially in G20 emerging economies (BMUV)
  7. Climate Information Services – Promotion of regional systems for evidence-based NAP processes to strengthen the resilience of people and ecosystems (BMUV)
  8. Protecting, restoring, and strengthening the resilience of mountain peatlands in Latin America as well as peatlands in the Argentinian part of Patagonia (BMUV)
  9. Capacities and structures for ambitious biodiversity conservation at the sub-national level (BMUV)
  10. Resilience through biodiversity – networking and restoration of protected areas, OECMs, and highly degraded areas in Sub-Saharan Africa (BMUV)
  11. From the negotiating table to the high seas: Support for the implementation of the BBNJ Treaty for marine protection (BMUV)
  12. Diverse, cultural world-views in equitable protection approaches (BMUV)
  13. Accelerating the energy transition in Sub-Saharan Africa (Federal Foreign Office)

Relevant information on the ideas competition

In general, projects implemented by organisations from Germany and abroad receive funding through grants. The basis for this is set out in this funding announcement:

Information for implementing organisations of the German Federal Government (for example GIZ or KfW) on how to participate in this ideas competition is provided in the following document (document is available only in German):

 The thematic priorities are explained in detail in the following document:

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