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Here you can find information on all IKI calls for projects under the International Climate Initiative (IKI). Current calls are marked in green. In addition, the IKI develops and participates in other major funding programmes and global funds that offer their own funding calls and finance support.

  • Thematic Call

    Thematic Call 2023 open Deadline 27.02.2024

    How much funding is provided?

    5 to 20 million Euros

    Who receives funding?

    Several organisations and/or companies in a consortium

  • Country Call

    Country Call Peru closed

    How much funding is provided?

    12 to 15 million Euros

    Who receives funding?

    Several organisations and/or companies in a consortium

  • Medium Grants

    Medium Grants 2023 closed

    How much funding is provided?

    300,000 to 800,000 euros

    Who receives funding?

    Non-profit organisations and companies with a permanent business establishment, branch, or other facility serving the activities of the grant recipient in Germany at the time of the first disbursement of a grant awarded.  These organisations must enter into a partnership with one or two local implementing organisations based in the implementing country or region.

  • Small Grants

    Small Grants 2023 closed

    How much funding is provided?

    60,000 to 200,000 euros

    Who receives funding?

    Regional, national and local organisations based in ODA countries

Further funding opportunities

Mitigation Action Facility

Solar panels

The Mitigation Action Facility, evolved from the NAMA Facility in 2023, as a go-to platform for providing technical support and climate finance for ambitious mitigation projects with an aim of decarbonising key sectors of the economy and society. It continues to fund ambitious cli- mate change mitigation projects to implement nationally determined contributions (NDCs) and long-term strategies (LTS). 

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Adaptation Fund


The Adaptation Fund supports population groups and regions that are particularly affected by the consequences of climate change to better prepare themselves. Among other things, it finances early warning systems against flooding and heavy rainfall, measures to secure the water supply and the conversion to drought-resistant cultivation methods in agriculture.

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IKI Values & Responsibility

Environmental and social standards (IKI Safeguards)

Illustration: five people discussing. In the background are a world map, a winter bike, nature.

Compliance with international environmental and social standards is ensured through IKI's Environmental and Social Safeguards System.

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Transparency (IATI)

Icon: held up hand into which a euro sign falls

The IKI is publishing comprehensive information on ongoing and newly committed projects and programmes in accordance with the IATI standard.

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Independent Complaint Mechanism

Illustration: Two people sitting on the floor, three people discussing with each other and two people shaking hands.

The independent mechanism makes it possible to voice negative consequences of or improper use of funds in IKI projects and to take remedial action.

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IKI Gender Strategy

Illustration: six people are standing on a globe and are discussing; in the background there is a wind turbine and a sunflower.

The IKI Gender Strategy provides a high-level framework for integrating gender justice as a factor at project and programme level.

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