Thematic Call

What are Thematic Calls?

Thematic Calls address current challenges in climate action, adaptation and biodiversity conservation by defining new thematic priorities for each individual Thematic Call. Implementing organisations are invited to submit project outlines for these thematic priorities. The financing volume provided by the IKI can range from 5 to 20 million EUR per project depending on the thematic priority.

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How much funding is provided?

10 to 20 million Euros

Who receives funding?

Several organisations and/or companies in a consortium

How long do the projects run for?

Up to 8 years

How often is funding provided?

Annual selection procedure

Where is funding provided?

Bilateral, regional oder global

How are the projects selected?

The procedure for the selection of projects consists of two phases. In the first phase (outline phase), interested implementing organisations are invited to submit project outlines within the framework of an ideas competition. The ministries involved in the IKI usually select one or two project outlines per thematic priority from all submissions. These are then pursued in the second phase (proposal phase). 

Phase 1: outline phase

The outline selection takes place in two steps. First, a pre-selection is made from the submissions that meet the minimum requirements and which represent the most promising project ideas. These outlines are then reviewed in detail by experts using the IKI selection criteria. Based on the results of this review and the budget available, the ministries responsible select project outlines to be pursued further in the second phase. All participants will be informed in writing about the result of the assessment of their outline.

Phase 2: proposal phase

At the beginning of the proposal or commissioning phase, the lead organisations of the selected project outlines are invited to submit a detailed project proposal. 

For the elaboration of the detailed project proposal, we recommend to conduct a preparation phase in order to further integrate specific local needs into the project planning and implementation. The expenses involved in the preparation phase are eligible for funding as part of the overall project and reduce the budget of the implementation phase accordingly. The relevant provisions and templates for the second phase are provided on the IKI website.

Once the detailed project proposal has been assessed and approved, the project can be implemented. IKI projects are funded for a maximum of 8 years. 

Who can participate in the ideas competition?

Participation in the ideas competition of IKI Thematic Calls is open to the following organisations:

  • Non-governmental organisations; 
  • Universities and research institutions; 
  • International intergovernmental organisations and institutions such as development banks;
  • United Nations organisations and programmes;
  • Implementing organisations of the Federal Republic of Germany;
  • Commercial enterprises. 

Partner country governments and individuals cannot participate in the ideas competition.


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