New IKI Call for thematic programme outlines

The IKI thematic oriented selection procedure is open for application. Programme outlines can be submitted until 19 March 2020 through the IKI online platform in English.




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New cookbook with traditional Mexican recipies

16 October is World Food Day! Check out these traditional dishes from the Mexican community Cardenas!



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The Greening of Armenia

Watch how Armenia hopes to spur economic development as it goes green.



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Learning pack about food waste; Photo: Deutsche Welle

Learning pack about food waste; Photo: Deutsche Welle

New learning pack by Deutsche Welle is about food waste

With this new learning pack, Deutsche Welle addresses the questions of why we throw away so much food, how this waste impacts environment and climate and what could be done to lower food waste.



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Current Selection Procedure

Currently, the selection procedure for thematic programme outlines is open for application. Programme ideas can be submitted until 19 March 2020, 24 hrs (CET).

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Multimedia Documentary

This multimedia pageflow not only follows Dora's life, it also delves into the consequences of deforestation and the resulting dangers for orangutans.

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Jennifer Morgan (Greenpeace) and Norbert Gorißen (BMU/IKI) discuss their expectations for COP 25 and how they stay optimistic.

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Video: 10 Years IKI (2018)

See in this video, how since 2008 IKI has been working on fostering climate protection and measures for adapting to climate change in collaboration with developing and emerging countries, as well as to sustainably manage forests and enhance forest carbon stocks (REDD+) and to preserve biodiversity.