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The German Federal Government publishes comprehensive and up-to-date information about its climate finance activities in order to inform the public about how it uses budget funds. This also helps to further enhance the effectiveness of Germany’s climate finance activities. Support measures are more efficient when the use of funds is disclosed and outflows are predictable and transparent. 


The International Climate Initiative (IKI) publishes details of ongoing and newly committed projects and programmes every quarter.

Transparent climate finance makes it easier for recipient countries to plan their activities, reduces the risk of corruption, increases the partners’ sense of ownership and promotes mutual accountability.

In order to make Germany’s climate finance as transparent as possible, the IKI applies current international transparency standards when describing its activities. The IKI is also involved in designing these standards in the framework of relevant transparency initiatives such as the ‘International Aid Transparency Initiative’ (IATI).

Germany is a founding member of the International Aid Transparency Initiative (IATI), in which donors, partner countries and actors of civil society and the private sector work together to inform the public in detail about the use of funds in international climate finance.

The information is machine-readable and may be used freely, provided the source is stated. It is in line with the International Aid Transparency Initiative (IATI) standard and also available from the international IATI Registry.

The reports to the IATI include an overview of activities that are ongoing, completed or newly committed in the field of climate and biodiversity, financed by the IKI and executed by Germany’s implementing organisations and non-governmental project executing agencies.

Video: What is the International Aid Transparency Initiative (IATI)

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Discover how the International Aid Transparency Initiative (IATI) helps make information about development and humanitarian spending easier to access, use and understand.

Project database and publications

The IKI provides a further overview of its activities in its regularly published annual report. This, as well as the results of the IKI evaluation cycles, can be found in the IKI Media Library. 

A list of ongoing and completed projects can be found in the IKI project database.  

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