New webinar series on the restoration and protection of mangrove forests

Mangroves provide important ecosystem services - from coastal protection to fish farming. Photo: Julie Steinen

Intact mangroves strengthen the resilience of coastal regions. A new webinar series contributes to their protection.

Mangrove ecosystems have contributed significantly to the well-being of coastal communities through a wide array of ecosystem goods and services. Mangrove forests provide numerous ecosystem services. They serve as a habitat for different mangrove-dependent species and a source of livelihood and recreational activities, provides protection from storm surges, and functions as a good carbon sink. But the area of intact mangrove forests is decreasing worldwide.

Digital mangrove protection

The Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) and the Zoological Society of London (ZSL) Philippines have organized a monthly webinar series, entitled Mangrove 101, as part of the project „Ensuring sustainable coastal protection by means of biodiversity conservation in marine ecosystems affected by typhoons in the Philippines“ (GIZ ProCoast) funded by the International Climate Initiative (IKI) to impart knowledge about mangroves and the science-based protocols guiding mangrove rehabilitation and conservation. Dr. Jurgenne Primavera, ZSL Chief Mangrove Scientific Advisor and an internationally recognized expert on mangrove rehabilitation and conservation, will be the main resource person of the series. Equally reputable resource persons and other ZSL project team members will join her to discuss specific topics per episode.

Announcement for the seminar 101 Mangrove

The webinar series is open to all interested mangrove champions and practitioners.  Announcements and links are posted on selected websites and social media accounts.The first episode last 23 April 2020 was an introduction to mangroves – biology, taxonomy and utilization. Over 160 individuals and representatives from different sectors such as governments, academia, development organizations, non-governmental organizations, private sector attended at the first session. A repeat webinar with over 130 attendees was organized on 14 May 2020, as part of the contribution of the project to the celebration of the Month of the Ocean 2020.

Subsequently five episodes will tackle topics on mangrove rehabilitation, coastal greenbelts, green-grey engineering, rehabilitation of Abandoned, Underutilized and Undeveloped (AUU) fishponds to mangrove forests, blue carbon, mangrove ecoparks, mangrove associates and beach forests.  The next episode is on 25 June 2020 and a registration is still possible.

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