Moving Chile

In order to achieve the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement, a global decarbonisation of the transport sector is necessary. Chile is therefore pursuing an ambitious e-mobility strategy. The project supports the Chilean government in implementing e-mobility in medium-sized and small cities. It is developing a financing mechanism to promote e-mobility in taxis and buses with greater involvement of the private sector. The charging infrastructure is piloted with e-taxi and e-bus operators and capacities in this area are built. The project supports Chile both technically and organisationally in the exchange of experience of more ambitious mitigation measures in the region and in a communication campaign to promote the decarbonisation of transport.

Project data

IKI funding
2,000,000.00 €
08/2019 till 02/2024
Implementing organisation
Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH
Political Partner
  • Ministry of Environment (MMA) - Chile
  • Ministry of Transport and Telecommunications - Chile
Implementing Partner
  • Ministry of Environment (MMA) - Chile
  • Ministry of Transport and Telecommunications - Chile

State of implementation/results

  • As part of a pilot project with the Agencia de Sostenibilidad Energética (ASE), Moving Chile is promoting electric mobility in cities outside the capital Santiago. On the one hand, the establishment of a public charging infrastructure for cabs and colectivos (cabs with a fixed route plan) is being supported as part of the "Mi Taxi Electrico" program ( On the other hand, the training of and knowledge exchange with bus operators from smaller and medium-sized cities is being enabled.
  • The public tender processes for the installation of the charging stations in 12 medium-sized cities were completed in January 2023. The two winning bidders are now moving forward with the implementation of the charging stations. The installation work of these columns has already started in the cities of Calama and Valdivia in February 2023.
  • In November 2022, the tender process was completed for the commissioning of consulting firms responsible for conducting training for bus operators in 10 cities. Currently, the consultancies are developing the content of the trainings.
  • The project supported two study tours with delegations from Ecuador (BMZ project TUMIVolt) and Costa Rica (IKI project MiTransporte) in July and August 2022. Participants from the technical and political levels exchanged views on national policies to promote electromobility.
  • The project has developed a financing mechanism for the introduction of e-buses and e-taxis in medium-sized Chilean cities. The mechanism separates the ownership and operation of vehicles to diversify risk and improve financing conditions (…).
  • The peer-to-peer technical exchange on raising climate ambition in transport in 2021 brought together representatives from transport, environment and energy ministries from nine Latin American countries to discuss strategies for sustainable mobility (…)
  • At COP26, the Chilean Ministry of Transport and Telecommunications presented the publication "Aumento de la ambición climática en el sector transporte. Buenas prácticas, lecciones aprendidas y recomendaciones desde América Latina". The publication provides a detailed summary of the main issues, strategies and lessons learned from the peer-to-peer exchange (
  • Support for the publication of the "Play-book for Zero Emissions Mobility LAC" at COP26. It highlights practical steps and resources that leaders can refer to on their way towards decarbonising transport (changing-transport. org/publication/the-playbook-for-zero-emissions-mobility-lac/)
  • Conduct of a course on electric mobility for Latin America with 45 representatives from five countries (…)
  • During the Transport and Climate Change Week in June 2021, a tool developed by the project was presented to enable the economic and financial evaluation of e-bus fleets in English, Spanish and French (…).
  • The project supported the Chilean government in the context of its presidency of the 25th UN Climate Change Conference in accelerating decarbonisation of the transport sector and putting it on the international agenda.

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