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Climate Policy Programme Brazil (PoMuC)

As of: December 2021

The Climate Policy Programme supports the Brazilian government in successfully achieving its medium- and long-term greenhouse gas reduction targets. In cooperation with the Ministry of Environment, a national REDD+ strategy is being implemented and a Federal Programme for Payments for Environmental Services is being developed. Improving elements of a transparency system provides further information on the climate policy progress. Together with the Ministry of Economy, capacities in the areas of greenhouse gas reporting, climate finance and "green" growth are being strengthened. The continuous exchange of experience between relevant actors, systematic knowledge management and digital tools additionally contribute to a more efficient and targeted implementation of climate policy measures.

State of implementation/results

  • 2017/18: Support of inter-ministerial working group, developing a legislative proposal to reform the national Climate Fund.
  • 2017: Support of the preparation of the 1st Monitoring Report on the Implementation of the NAP (regarding adaptation the Brazilian NDC refers to the NAP).
  • 15.12.2017: 1st IKI interface meeting to identify synergies and initiate exchange between the IKI projects in Brazil.
  • 09/2018: Start of the cooperation with the Institute of Applied Economics (Instituto de Pesquisa Econômica Aplicada, IPEA) for the analysis of the national climate budget.
  • 13.11.2018: 2nd IKI interface meeting on "Climate and Biodiversity: Communication with Impact".
  • 12./13.11.2018: Presentation of the preliminary set of indicators for the REDD+ Safeguards Information System at the national level (SISREDD +) at a stakeholder seminar.
  • 21. /22.20.2018: Presentation of the results of the study on vulnerability maps for all 5,570 Brazilian communities in the three risk categories of droughts, floods and landslides in front of representatives at federal and community level. The maps are available in the download area of the GIZ PoMuC project website. To access the files (shapes) and visualize the georeferenced information, the use of the SIGs software is required. The images of the cards are accessible without any further requirements.
  • 12/2018: Presentation of the results of vulnerability studies at a side event at COP-24 at the Brazil Pavilion in Katowice under the topic "Adapting to climate change: Identifying impacts, vulnerabilities and implementing adaptation measures".
  • 01/2019: Partnership with the Climate Policy Initiative (CPI) signed to organize the 3rd call of the Brazil Innovation Lab for Climate Finance (Brazil Lab) to mobilize private climate finance.
  • 09/2019: Finalization of the ex-ante impact analysis of a nationally mandatory, company-related greenhouse gas reporting system. All studies (in Portugues) can be found in the download area of the GIZ PoMuC project website.
  • 13.11.2019: 3rd IKI interface meeting on the topic of "Climate protection and biodiversity at subnational level".
  • 03/2020: Two financing instruments from the 3rd call selected for further support and announced on the Lab's homepage. An info sheet (in Portuguese) on the Brazil Lab and its selected instruments is available in the download area of the Portuguese-language PoMuC project website of GIZ.
  • 04/2020: Organization of working groups to promote the new Brazil Lab financial instruments.
  • 06/2020: Support of ABEMA (Association of Federal Environmental Agencies) at online events with an average of 100 participants to support the states in meeting their climate protection commitments.
  • June 2020: Submission of the results for the analysis of the national climate budget by IPEA.
  • 09/2020: Endorsement of the two funded financing instruments of the 3rd call of the Brasil Lab at the virtual Climate Week by investors
  • 02/2021: Two financing instruments selected from the 4th call of the Brasil Lab for support by the Climate Policy Initiative (CPI) (…)
  • 04/2021: Two funding instruments from the Global Innovation Lab for Climate Finance have been selected to be replicated by the Brazil Innovation Lab for Climate Finance (Brasil Lab), both are programs of the Climate Policy Initiative (CPI)
  • 07/2021: First Edition of the newsletter IKI News Brazil published (can be subscribed to)

Project data


Implementing organisation:
Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH - Brazil

Political partner(s):
  • Ministry of Environment - Brazil

Implementing partner(s):
  • Institute of Applied Economic Research (IPEA)
  • Ministry of Economy - Brazil
  • Ministry of Environment - Brazil

BMU grant:
9.000.000,00 €

08/2016  till  11/2022


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