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Cooperation from PPPs against deforestation in Vietnam

As of: September 2021

Although the Central Highlands of Viet Nam are characterised by extensive forested areas, their acreage has declined significantly over the last few decades. This project is helping to reduce deforestation and forest degradation in a high-priority protected area in the Central Highlands. The project is also supporting sustainable landscape planning and effective cooperation between the public and private sector. Project aims include improving agricultural production as well as providing support to communities for both agriculture and forestry. Training courses targeting improved agricultural methods as well as capital investment in modernising agricultural businesses are intended to improve both harvests and earnings in buffer zones. To prevent deforestation, the private sector is also being encouraged to invest in systems that enable monitoring and tracking within supply chains.

State of implementation/results

  • The project is supporting efforts to integrate NDC targets and low-emission land use into provincial plans and provided support to the drafting of the Lam Dong Climate Change Action Plan, which was approved in November 2020 and guides the development of an integrated district plan for Lac Duong.
  • The project has supported efforts to strengthen collaborative forest management in Lac Duong between State forest management boards, local authorities and communities and helps to develop a new forest landscape conservation fund with improved benefit-sharing framework for local communities.
  • A consultation process (FPIC) with the K'ho ethnic group, farm mapping and participatory village land use planning resulted in signing of ten village land use plans and community conservation agreements between local authorities and target villages (6,406 ha). – Support for market development for sustainable coffee companies and local enterprises involved in the agroforestry supply chains (macadamia and persimmon).
  • A traceability system was developed and piloted in July/August 2020. Up to now, there are five companies are using the system and QR code for their coffee products.
  • Hand over to Lam Dong DARD the near real-time satellite-based forest monitoring system in Lac Duong and training for local forest protection authorities conducted in Feb and May, 2020. The system supports the district to transparently monitor progress towards its PPI compact deforestation-free district goals and enhance adaptive management (…).
  • signing of cross-sectoral MoUs on deforestation-free landscapes and public-private partnerships (IDH, ACOM Ltd., Chappi Mountain Coffee Cooperative) and 15 farmer groups established and connected with companies.
  • Farmer trainings (>1,500 farm households), land preparation and planting completed in June-Sept 2020 (2,191 ha under sustainable upland agroforestry systems). – Signature of an MOU with the Global Coffee Platform (GCP) to collaborate on the development of National Sustainability Curricula (NSC) for Arabica coffee (March 2020).
  • Technical coordination with JICA, GIZ, UNEP, UNDP, ICRAF, CIAT

Project data

Viet Nam

Implementing organisation:
SNV Netherlands Development Organisation - Viet Nam

Political partner(s):
  • Lam Dong Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (DARD) - Viet Nam
  • Vietnam Administration of Forestry (VNFOREST)

BMU grant:
1.719.545,00 €

11/2018  till  10/2021

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