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International forest-related climate finance

As of: January 2022

Forests are complex ecosystems, which fulfil many functions. They also have a major global role to play as carbon sinks. The project improves the effectiveness of climate financing approaches that have a positive impact on forest conservation. Capacities are also being increased in partner countries to reduce emissions from forest and land use. The project pursues three active approaches aimed at achieving more climate protection through the strengthening of the forests: At the international level, the issue of climate financing is better positioned and more private involvement in this area is encouraged. The cooperation of the stakeholders is also improved, with the result that forest-relevant climate financing is more effectively implemented and the goals of the New York Declaration on Forests are achieved more effectively. In addition, donors are better coordinated and are responsible for climate financing and the transfer of knowledge from project activities.

State of implementation/results

  • Organization and implementation of numerous technical events, including on environmental integrity of forest-related standards in carbon markets, the measurement of forest area change, and the role of integrated approaches ("nesting") in forest conservation.
  • Workshops on "Implications of the new Paris Agreement / Article 6 rules for REDD+ and the FCPF.
  • Organization of meetings of the GER-NOR-UK Donor Partnership on Forests & Climate Finance to strengthen policy dialogue and coordination.
  • Technical and coordination support to the governments of DEU, NOR and UK in the development of a Joint Declaration of Intent on Forest Conservation with Colombia and the extension of the Joint Declaration of Intent on Forest Conservation with Peru.
  • Continued support to DEU and NOR governments for forest-related climate cooperation in Peru through analyses, funding for coordination capacity and organization meetings and policy dialogues.
  • Support innovative methods for tracking climate and deforestation risks for companies and investors: publish Orbitas reports (…) and a web-based Orbitas tool.
  • Publication of technical articles, including on the role of China and the EU in promoting deforestation-free supply chains (Econet Monitor 08/2020) and on forest-related quality standards in carbon markets (…), Basic Income for Forest and Nature Conservation (…)

Project data

Brazil, Colombia, Indonesia, Peru

Implementing organisation:
Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH

BMU grant:
6.700.000,00 €

05/2018  till  04/2025


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