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Mobilizing capital for ecosystem-based adaptation - the value of resilient forests for water management in the tropics.

As of: January 2021

Using an integrative approach, OroVerde together with local partner organisations develops measures and innovative governance mechanisms for ecosystem based adaptation in water catchment areas . Ecosystem-based, sustainable land use plans are drawn up in a participatory manner. Economic assessments of the hydrological ecosystem services of the four catchment areas are carried out and innovative financing instruments for the integration of private sector actors are developed. Nature conservation measures for the reconstruction of forests are introduced and monitoring and local capacities in the catchment areas are strengthened. National policies and regulations for ecosystem-based approaches for adaptation to climate change will be promoted. The experiences will be systematised and disseminated in the countries and internationally. Target groups are local actors in the areas and, at national level, decision-makers for policies relating to forest protection and water. The project is part of the IKI Corona Response Package.
Predecessor project(s)
Development of business models for cooperation with the private sector as a instrument for socially acceptable restoration of near-natural forests

State of implementation/results

  • Within the framework of the Corona Response Package, the focus will be on the multiplication of EbA measures and improved institutional integration of these measures into regional structures, economic sectors and the private sector. This will eventually help in ensuring the sustainable financing of these measures.
  • In the Dominican Republic, Guatemala and Cuba, the first agroforesty plantations (coffee seedlings combined with shade trees and other indigenous plant species) and reforestation were started as the first measures to implement Ecosystem Based adaptation (EbA) plans.
  • In Mexico, a cooperation agreement is being established between the State Forest Protection Agency of Mexico and the partner organization “Pronatura Mexico” to strengthen the project's actions in the region. Information videos on EbA and the project are provided for the public in Mexico:

  • In Guatemala, the partner organization "Defensores de la Naturaleza" is now an active member of the new National Expert Group on EbA, recently founded by government institutions, NGOs and international cooperation. Cooperation agreements are in place between the project and the municipality of San Jerónimo, as well as with the “Association of Irrigation” in the region to support watershed management.
  • In the Dominican Republic, a meeting was held with the “National Association of Agricultural Experts” (ANPA) in October 2019 to present the project, the status of the watershed, possible solutions and the need for cooperation.
  • In Cuba, first workshops to approach local communities were held and the EbA methodology was presented. In addition, two meetings were held with local institutions (councils on community level) of the municipalities of La Melba, El Riito and Ojito de Agua. These councils support the implementation and execution of activities at local level. --

  • Project data

    Cuba, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Mexico

    Implementing organisation:
    OroVerde - Die Tropenwaldstiftung

    Political partner(s):
    • Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources (MARN) - Guatemala
    • Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources (SEMARNAT) - Mexico
    • Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources - Dominican Republic
    • Ministry of Science, Technology and the Environment (CITMA) - Cuba
    • National Centre for Protected Areas (SNAP) - Cuba
    • National Commission for Natural Protected Areas (CONANP) - Mexiko
    • National Council of Protected Areas (CONAP) - Guatemala
    • National Forestry Commission (CONAFOR) - Mexico

    Implementing partner(s):
    • AgroDer
    • Centro para la Educación y Acción Ecológica, Naturaleza, CEDAE
    • Fundación Defensores de la Naturaleza - Guatemala
    • Pronatura Mexico A.C. - Mexico
    • Unidad Presupuestada de Servicios Ambientales (UPSA) – Ministerio de Ciencias, Tecnologia y Medio Ambiente

    BMU grant:
    6.054.382,00 €

    01/2018  till  12/2023


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