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Seed Capital Assistance Facility (SCAF)

As of: September 2020

Objective and activities

The Seed Capital Assistance Facility (SCAF) is a multi-donor trust fund managed by UNEP and backed by the German Federal Environment Ministry together with the British 'Department for International Development' (DFID). It makes finance available during the development phase of projects being carried out in developing countries and emerging economies that are aimed at promoting the use of climate-friendly technologies (e.g. renewable energies, energy efficiency). The objective of these activities is to stimulate private investment. The assistance available ranges from financial support with feasibility studies and business plans in the pre-investment phase to co-financing of authorisation procedures and technical and legal due diligence checks in the late phase of project development. This approach enables the financial barriers typically associated with the project development phase to be overcome. Currently, the geographical focus is on Asia and Africa.

State of implementation/results

  • Cooperating Partner Agreements (CPA) with three additional SCAF II partners (Cooperating Partners) were signed, increasing the number of total SCAF II Cooperating Partners to five
  • Agreements were signed with The Blue Circle in March 2016, Zoscales in May 2016 and GreenWish Partners in August 2016
  • 16 drawdown requests by Cooperating Partners with a total volume of USD 2.61 Mio. were verified and approved by the Project Management Unit (PMU) during 2016

Project data


Implementing organisation:
United Nations Environment Programme (UN Environment) - France

Partner institution(s):
  • Frankfurt School of Finance & Management gGmbH

BMU grant:
13.000.000,00 €

11/2014  till  12/2021



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