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STRONG High Seas –Sustainable use of the High Seas

As of: November 2020

The project facilitates the development of comprehensive, cross-sectoral approaches to the conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity in areas beyond national jurisdiction (ABNJ) in the Southeast Atlantic and Southeast Pacific. Building on the interest of both regions and political momentum at the global level, it identifies best practices and provides regional institutions and national authorities with the knowledge, tools and capacity to strengthen implementation of existing and the development of new approaches to regional ocean governance. The project will advance technical and scientific cooperation and propose ABNJ measures at the regional scale. Experiences will be disseminated to other regions and stakeholders to facilitate mutual learning and identify common practices. The project develops options for regional governance under a future international instrument under UNCLOS and transfers lessons learned to the global level to support ocean governance at relevant scales.

State of implementation/results

  • The STRONG High Seas project continues to provide important contributions to the regions and the ongoing UN negotiations.
  • Ministry representatives from the Southeast Pacific and Southeast Atlantic who participated in the first capacity building programme in September 2018 and the second capacity building programme in August 2019 during the BBNJ negotiations at the United Nations in New York have reported the usefulness of the programme for their work and many of them continue to follow the BBNJ negotiations for their country, both at the negotiations and in Capital.
  • Countries of the Southeast Pacific region thanked the STRONG High Seas project at the CPPS General Assembly in January 2020 for the important contribution of the project to the work of the CPPS and its member States. The General Assembly ratified its commitment to the project and the countries expressed their willingness to strengthen collaboration with the project. Countries in the Southeast Pacific region also underlined the project's important contribution to the region during the third Dialogue Workshop in February 2020, particularly in view of the ongoing BBNJ negotiations at the UN.
  • The Peruvian Government invited STRONG High Seas as an expert at the first BBNJ inter-ministerial meeting ('National Dialogue') in February 2020. The Government underlined the important contribution of the STRONG High Seas project and the willingness of the Government to continue working with the project. The importance of supporting further National Dialogues in the countries of the CPPS region was stressed by the States in the Southeast Pacific region during the third Dialogue Workshop in February 2020
  • The Abidjan Convention continues to actively collaborate with the STRONG High Seas project through its secretariat. The project has been asked to contribute to the Conference of the Parties (COP) to the Abidjan Convention with several high level and expert presentations, hosting a side event on the importance of and considerations for ABNJ, and support with drafting resolution text on ABNJ for the COP. The project also continues to collaborate with the ABNJ Working Group established by the Convention, as well as was asked in January 2020 by the Abidjan Convention Secretariat to contribute to the African Union position on BBNJ.

Project data


Partner institution(s):
  • Comisión Permanente del Pacífico Sur (CPPS, Permanente Kommission für den Südpazifik)
  • Secretariat of the Abidjan Convention - Ivory Coast
  • Diverse partner institutions (governmental institutions and non-governmental organisations)

BMU grant:
3.771.445,00 €

06/2017  till  05/2022


Strengthening Regional Ocean Governance for the High Seas (PDF, 1.71 MB)

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