The IKI at the Federal Government Open Day

Well-attended IKI information stands, interesting talks with the ‘big shots’, fun activities for the little ones – and a visit from the State Secretary (23 August 2023)

This year, we showcased the activities of the IKI at the Open Day held by the Federal Government at the Environment Ministry and – for the first time – at the Foreign Office.

Our ‘Your contribution to environmental and climate action’ campaign proved to be a good talking-point for families. And while the kids were busy with their colouring books and arts and crafts, the adults got a chance to check out the IKI.

There was a lot of interest shown by visitors in our work, with the questions we were asked ranging from ‘What is the IKI, exactly?’ to ‘Could you give me a brief summary of the government’s current foreign policy on climate?’

Football for forests!

At our information stand in the Foreign Office, we also presented our Football4Forests project, which uses the passion for football to accelerate the #GenerationRestoration movement – and inspire young people to get involved in protecting forests. And there was obviously a chance to actually play some football at the Open Day! 

This was the first year that our information stands were (also) on display at the Foreign Office.
Our information stand at the Foreign Office: Team IKI is good to go …
… for conversations with Open Day visitors …
… and for the sporting action! Our Football4Forests project had also set up a goal wall.

In the middle of things at the BMUV

Instead of goal-shooting practice, ‘Collecting pearls’ was on the agenda at the Environment Ministry. In a treasure hunt across the event venue – including the IKI stand – the kids taking part had to complete various tasks to collect pearls for an armband, while learning a few things about environmental protection and climate change mitigation. And State Secretary Christiane Rohleder also visited the IKI stand to find out more about the latest developments in the funding programme.

Stage at the BMUV
State Secretary Christiane Rohleder welcomes visitors to the Environment Ministry …
… and also stops at the IKI stand during her tour of the Open Day.


Screenshot from the IKI film. A drawn globe, next to it a thermometer

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The IKI information stand was part of the event’s treasure hunt, which involved children completing various tasks around the venue.
A chance to catch our breath, the treasure hunt is taking a break.

‘Your contribution to environmental and climate action’

Our arts and crafts workshop, which we set up at both Open Day events, was a complete success. Our little artists were really enthusiastic about making their ‘contribution to environmental and climate action’.

Colouring sheets photographed from above
Using coloured pens and stickers, the kids were asked to come up with artistic ideas for presenting topics like alternative energy generation, eco-friendly transport or forest protection.
… and sometimes the adults were allowed to lend a hand in the creative process.
And these were the results from the arts and crafts workshop in the Environment Ministry … 
… and in the Foreign Office.

We are already looking forward to some interesting discussions and memorable encounters at next year’s Open Day!

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