Thematic selection procedure 2019/2

Status of the procedure

The selection of project ideas for the thematic selection procedure 2019/2 has been completed. We received 188 project ideas. 14 project outlines were selected to proceed to the second stage of the selection procedure. All participants were informed about the results by email.

Submissions were possible in the period from 7 November 2019 to 2 April 2020.With this call IKI was looking for project outlines with a funding volume of 5 to 20 million euros each for a total of 13 key topics.

Funding priorities

  1. Bringing financial flows into line with climate change goals –implementation of Article 2, para. (1)(c) of the Paris Agreement
  2. Capacity building to meet the transparency requirements of the Paris Agreement
  3. Digitalisation oftransportationin Asianor Latin Americanurban areas
  4. Alternatives to new fossil energy infrastructure, in particular to coal-fired power generation
  5. Energy efficiency in the fields of industrial and production facilities, trade and commerce
  6. Strategic use of cooperative approaches under Article 6 of the Paris Agreement.
  7. Establishing climate-friendly and biodiversity-friendly product standards and consumption methods
  8. Upscaling, mainstreaming and implementation of community-based adaptation
  9. Activities at the UN Decade for the restoration of ecosystems, with the focus on forests
  10. Conservation and restoration of peatland ecosystems
  11. Protection of terrestrial and marine biodiversity
  12. Protection of pollinator and insect diversity
  13. Capacity building for the implementation of the work programmes of the World Biodiversity Council (IPBES)

Important documents for the thematic selection procedure:

Funding Information thematic selection procedure (PDF, 74 KB)


Funding Priorities for the thematic selection procedure (PDF, 78 KB)


IKI online platform


Guidelines on project/programme planning and monitoring (1.03 MB)


Safeguards (PDF, 357 KB)


News article (2019)


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