Climate protection and biodiversity conservation up close

Does climate change affect our health? What are the consequences of the trade in wild animals? How are megacities getting ready for the future? DW's multimedia web specials tackle these and many more climate and environment questions — always with a focus on solutions. 

Stories to transport you 

Whether you're using a smartphone, tablet or PC, we'll take you on a journey. We visit people in Africa, Asia and Latin America and show you what the climate and environmental crises mean for them and their families. The stories are personal, arresting and often moving. 

But our web specials aren't just about humans. We also turn the lens on animals and their habitats. We accompany an orphaned orangutan as she faces the trials and tribulations of the jungle school where she learns to find her way in the wild again. At the same time, we meet the people fighting the causes and consequences of extinction, environmental destruction and climate change. Our multimedia report on conservation in times of war shows just how difficult such work can be. 

Global ideas for a better world 

Our multimedia specials are the ideal platform for shining a light on all sides of an issue. We don't want to leave our readers feeling desolate or helpless when they've finished browsing stories. We show that solutions to suffering exist.  

Watch, listen, read 

We tell stories using videos, photos, text and graphic elements. While we want to document and inform, we also want to create a conversation.   

All our web specials at a glance 

Global Ideas publishes three web specials focusing on climate protection and conservation each year. By the time the project comes to an end in 2022, we will have published 14 of these multimedia pieces, which appear in English, German and Spanish.

Deutsche Welle, Global Ideas and IKI

Deutsche Welle (DW) is a German public broadcaster financed by federal taxes. As an independent and international media company, DW broadcasts news and opinion worldwide in 30 languages.

The materials in the DW webspecials are mostly based on journalistic content from its ‘Global Ideas’ series. Global Ideas is all about projects focusing on climate action and biodiversity conservation that offer best-practice solutions and which can inspire others to take action themselves.

Global Ideas is funded by the German Ministry of the Environment as part of the International Climate Initiative (IKI).

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Deutsche Welle also offers learning packages on the topics of climate protection and biodiversity conservation as part of the Global Ideas project. The target group includes children and young people between the ages of 12 and 16.

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