Members of the Expert Panel of the Independent Complaints Mechanism (IKI ICM)

The expert panel of the independent complaint mechanism, which consists of 3 persons, is responsible for investigating and/or mediating complaints by project-affected persons and whistleblowers reporting negative social and/or environmental consequences from IKI projects, or the improper use of funds.

Sârra-Tilila Bounfour

Sârra-Tilila Bounfour
Sârra-Tilila Bounfour

Sârra-Tilila Bounfour has over 12 years’ international experience in the field of integrity and anti-corruption. She has conducted dozens of independent investigations for international organizations, national development agencies, and governments into allegations of integrity & ethical misconduct. She has also advised on and represented clients in integrity-related disputes, including post-investigation litigation and arbitration before the World Bank Sanctions Board, the International Labor Organization Administrative Tribunal (ILOAT), and international arbitral tribunals.

Sârra-Tilila is the founder of STB Integrity, a one-stop consulting firm dedicated to helping international organization achieve their integrity goals. She is also the co-founder of MIPA, the first network dedicated to integrity professionals in MDBs and other international organizations.

A French-Moroccan national, she is qualified to practice law in New York State and in Paris (currently not practicing). She speaks English and French fluently, and is conversant in Italian.

In the panel, she will focus on project-related integrity and corruption issues.

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Lalanath de Silva

Lalanath de Silva

Lalanath de Silva  is a highly experienced environmental and human rights lawyer with a rare mix of working in international, public sector and non-profit organizations. He is currently Managing Director of Transparentem, a non-profit organization working on worker rights and environmental and climate justice. Before that, he completed a six-year non-renewable term as Head of the Independent Redress Mechanism of the Green Climate Fund established by the UNFCCC. As head of GCF’s IRM, he was also instrumental in building the Grievance Redress and Accountability Mechanisms (GRAM) partnership, which offers leadership, a learning and knowledge platform and a meeting space to an increasing number of GRAMs that are emerging in different spheres.

From 2012-2016 he served as a member of the Compliance Review Panel of the Asian Development Bank (ADB). During this period, as Director of the Environmental Democracy Practice and Director of the Access Initiative at the World Resources Institute, USA, he provided vision and leadership in helping civil society and government partners in over 50 countries advance reforms in environmental governance. Before, he has worked for the United Nations, the Sri Lankan Ministry of Environment and non-profit public interest law firms in Sri Lanka. A Sri Lankan and US national, he is also an accomplished musician and composer.

In the panel, he will focus on environmental and social safeguards-related complaints.

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Philipp Koenig

Philipp Koenig
Philipp Koenig

Philipp Koenig is a senior accountability and dispute resolution professional. He is currently the head of dispute resolution of the Complaints Mechanism of the European Investment Bank Group. Previously, he held positions with the German Development Bank KfW and the African Development Bank. Philipp is an accredited mediator and a former trainer of the Harvard Mediation Program. He facilitated multi-stakeholder processes in multiple regions and sectors addressing a variety of social and environmental disputes concerning resettlement, livelihood restoration, stakeholder-participation and the rights of Indigenous Peoples. Philipp combines this work experience with a multidisciplinary background in law, business, public administration and governance which enables him to act as an effective bridge-builder across a variety of different perspectives. A German national, Philipp is fluent in English, French, Spanish and German.


In the panel, he will focus on dispute resolution processes.

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Office of the IKI Independent Complaint Mechanism (IKI ICM)

Overview of the IKI ICM

Find out all important information about the independent complaints mechanism of the International Climate Initiative (IKI). 

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