A True Paradise: Overcoming Paralysis

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The IKI project Transformative Urban Coalitions aims to strengthen commitment to climate action with a series of short films.

To fight climate change, the only thing that will help is to find the commitment and determination to stand up and engage as none of us individually, but all of us collectively have the capacity to change the climate trajectory we are on.

“The challenge we face today is to bring together the science that we have, the technology that we are developing, the finance that we have available, and the policies that will work.” – Christiana Figueres, former Executive Secretary of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) and book author and co-founder of Global Optimism.

The short film "Overcoming Paralysis” speaks to the state of fear and inaction on climate, despite having the science and technology at hand. The 10-minute documentary provides a stage on which Christiana Figueres speaks her mind on what we can and must do to change the current status quo. Furthermore, the film considers the emotional toll and consequences for each of us and even more so for future generations if we continue to do nothing.

The film was made by Oscar-winning filmmakers and producers Dirk Wilutzky and Mathilde Bonnefoy and was shown at COP27 in Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt. 

“I am not only a filmmaker, but also a father to two wonderful children”, says Dirk Wilutzky. “My biggest wish is that they will be able to enjoy their existence in the future. But at the moment it does not look like this is going to be possible. Our situation has become so dramatically urgent now, that we all have the responsibility, whether we want it or not, to use these last remaining years to do whatever we can, to avoid  catastrophic climate change impacts. Every gram of CO2 counts. And every gram of influence which we have, counts. The films that my partner Mathilde Bonnefoy and I are making shall touch people with their honesty, their directness, their alarming personal messages – and their hope. If we now all do what is needed to avoid more than 1.5 Celsius of warming – we still have a chance to create a true paradise: Just, healthy, peaceful – and full of solidarity and meaning.”

As part of the Transformative Urban Coalitions (TUC) project, Dirk works alongside scientists and local actors to inspire people to change their attitudes and behaviours towards de-carbonization in cities. The film with Christiana Figueres is the first out of overall 30 short documentaries that will not only show the urgency to act on the climate crisis, but that will also highlight solutions, including in communities TUC is engaged in. 

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