Climate action for buildings

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The IKI’s ‘Build Me’ project provides funding for pilot projects and political dialogue aimed at raising ambition in partner countries to achieve climate-neutral building standards.

The project is contributing towards climate change mitigation in Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco and Tunisia – a region that harbours major potential for reducing greenhouse gas emissions with energy-efficient, climate-friendly construction. 

Insights into project work

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New tools for improved access to the financing of energy-efficient buildings: The implementation of legal frameworks in particular – which still needs considerable work – requires new and innovative instruments in order to stimulate the market for energy-efficient technologies. This is being targeted by the IKI project, which is developing tools for the assessment of energy-efficient buildings by financial institutes.

Talking situation

A platform for best-practice examples from the region: some regional project developers have already realised that sustainable buildings offer long-term value, and are now implementing local, climate-oriented solutions. Here you can see an example from Egypt, where a former office building has been converted into a hotel, with the simultaneous integration of energy-efficient and renewable technologies. 

Talking situation

Spelling out the benefits of change: direct dialogue and participation with the most important players in the market are the key to achieving a transition to a sustainable building sector. The IKI project is addressing both government agencies as well as the finance and private sector as key pillars for this transformation.

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Extra check-ups for improved quality: high quality standards for the implementation of energy-efficient solutions are important for ensuring that later operations can proceed as smoothly as possible. The project is developing processes to guarantee high-quality results. This involves awareness-raising and training activities for local actors, so that building users can benefit from the actual energy savings achieved.

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