New IKI networking opportunities: IKI events calendar, IKI LinkedIn and BlueSky

One of the core principles of the International Climate Initiative (IKI) is that projects should engage in networking and learning from one another.

In support of this IKI has now introduced an events calendar and extended its social media outreach through LinkedIn and BlueSky.

New IKI Events Calendar

To make the wide range of IKI events more visible to the IKI community and to help with event promotion, a new digital event calendar is available on the IKI website (on the IKI home page and the events page). 

Projects are invited to use this form to enter their events:

Submit your event

In addition to the exclusive management of your event entries, you will significantly boost the visibility of your events, particularly within the IKI international community. Meanwhile, IKI website users will enjoy the convenience of saving events in their preferred time zone and exporting them to personal calendars. In order to maintain a high level of content quality, the IKI communications team reviews all submitted events within 24 hrs.

Social media: LinkedIn and BlueSky

To complement our IKI communication channels, the IKI is now also active on LinkedIn and BlueSky. This expansion aims to enhance our social media outreach. Stay connected with us by following our LinkedIn and BlueSky channels:

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/iki-germany

BlueSky: https://bsky.app/profile/iki-germany.bsky.social

The IKI will of course also remain active on the existing X / Twitter channel: https://twitter.com/iki_germany

The new calendar and social media platforms will help implementing organizations as well as the IKI community with further increasing visibility of events and networking. This in turn will promote knowledge management in the IKI community.

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