Promoting the energy transition

11/2023 | IKI Factsheet
Cover Promoting the energy transition IKI

The restructuring of energy systems and markets is challenging, especially with regard to the technological and socio-economical aspects. Projects of the International Climate Initiative (IKI) aim to support the energy transition in partner countries and implement it in a socially just manner (“Just Transition”). In IKI projects, dialogues are initiated between government, administration, employers, unions and commercial enterprises, in order to consider long-term socio-economic aspects - including local jobs, regional structural change, environmental impacts and healthcare provision. Technical and policy consulting as well as further education and training for various actors play an important role in this.

The Strategy of the International Climate Initiative up to 2030 explicitly defines the topic of energy as a future priority in order to promote the further development of energy transition technologies, their financing and their socially just design, and ensure social acceptance of the transformation.

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