Safeguards Policy of the International Climate Initiative

01/2023 | IKI values
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The Safeguards Policy of the International Climate Initiative (IKI) commits IKI to complying with environmental and social standards (safeguards) to enhance the effectiveness, sustainability and quality of projects.

The policy sets out how the IKI takes into account environmental and social aspects in order to effectively manage and monitor environmental and social risks , to counter potential adverse impacts on the environment and people, and ideally to attain positive effects. The IKI safeguards standards are in line with the Safeguards Standards of the Green Climate Fund (GCF), which currently uses the IFC Performance Standards for Environmental and Social Sustainability. 

Please note: compared to the last published version (November 2022), only editorial changes have been made, with the following exception: chapter Transparency, second paragraph: Implementing organisations are encouraged (previously obliged) to provide the affected individuals, communities and other stakeholders with the safeguards section before project approval as part of the stakeholder engagement. They are also encouraged (previously obliged) to publish the safeguards section on their website after approval.  

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