Energy-efficient district in Lviv

Old combined heat and power stations, obsolete district heating networks and inadequately insulated buildings with inefficient heating lead to high energy consumption in many Ukrainian towns and cities – and consequently to high emissions and costs. The pilot project aims at transforming Sychiv, a district in Lviv, into a model district for energy efficiency. Apartment owners receive organizational and technical advice to plan and carry out their renovation projects. In addition to the national support from the Ukrainian Energy Efficiency Fund, apartment owners in Sychiv, and in partcular low-income households, receive financial incentives to renovate their buildings. At the same time, the local heat supplier is supported in adapting its heating networks and heat generation capacities to the reduced heat demand. Thus, for the first time in the Ukraine, an energy-efficient district is being created, which is intended to serve as a model for other cities in the region.

Project data

IKI funding
4,999,999.30 €
10/2018 till 08/2024
Implementing organisation
Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH
Political Partner
  • Ministry of Communities and Territories Development - Ukraine*
Implementing Partner
  • Lviv City Administration - Ukraine

State of implementation/results

  • In terms of energy-efficiency retrofits, the project has contributed to the following results:
    • Support for Home Owner Associations (HoAs) on calling tenders, selection and management of planning offices, application procedures, development of design and the cost estimation documentation for thermal modernization of buildings.
    • Sharing experiences with other Lviv city districts and other cities of Ukraine.
    • On-the-job training of six energy auditors and workshop for local planning offices to prepare complex thermal modernization projects for condominiums, as well as trainings on the job for construction companies on site.
    • Energy audits of condominiums in Sychiv district of Lviv.
    • Six employees of the Resource Centre for the Support of the HoAs of the Lviv City Administration regularly took part in workshops to optimise the organisation of advisory services on energy efficiency in the residential sector.
  • The current status on building modernisation (02/24) is:
    • 34 buildings participate in the project;
    • 24 of them submitted the first application to the Energy Efficiency Fund, 18 of them prepared the planning documents for thermal modernisation;
    • Four are in the process of modernisation;
    • Six buildings were completely modernised;
    • The average energy saving for fully modernised buildings is 29.3 % with a total annual reduction in CO2 emissions of 834.6 tonnes / year.
    • At the end of 2023, two buildings previously supported by the project were damaged by a rocket attack, mainly to the exterior walls and windows. The project supported the HoAs of these buildings by financing the damage reporting. The municipality of Lviv has provided funds to replace the damaged windows.
  • In terms of the district heating system, the project has contributed to the following results:
    • Support for the modernisation of the district heating system in the Sychiw district and advice to the local district heating network operator on the strategic planning of expansion or deconstruction scenarios.
    • International exchange between the municipal district heating company, other city officials and representatives of EU cities on thermal modernization, strategic planning, centralized heat supply management system and city energy planning.
    • Procurement of a modelling software according to the needs of the local district heating operator and creation of a Geographical Information System (GIS)-coded model of the heat supply system as a prerequisite for a digital modelling and calculation of the district heating network.
    • 531 km of district heating pipelines and corresponding interconnections of the area for thermal power plant 1, including the Sykhiw district, were included in the Geographical Information System (GIS) of the city of Lviv.
    • Five employees of the district heating company Lvivteploenergo were trained in the use of the modelling software.
    • With the help of the project, a digital model of the district heating system of Sychiv was developed and transferred to the local district heating company LTE with the aim of improving the efficiency and operation of the district heating system.
    • The collection of data relevant for the city’s spatial energy planning is being established within the Lviv city administration and other responsible entities.
    • On the basis of the collected data, calculations of possible options for the inclusion of alternative heat sources in the central heating system, with the focus on Sychiv district, are carried out.
    • With the help of the project, a technically and economically optimised rehabilitation project for the district heating network in Sychiw was developed. This project was created for the local district heating company LTE and is entitled "Project Proposals for the Improvement of the District Heating System of the Sychiw District of Lviv". Finally, the project was presented to the Lviv City Council and the LTE district heating company.

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