IKI Gender Help Desk

Since November 2021, the IKI is implementing its gender strategy. The strategy is based on a needs based approach and also sets out to contribute to capacity development of IKI implementing organisations. To this end, a gender help desk at the IKI Office of ZUG has been set up.

Who is this help desk for?

All implementing organisations, project applicants, implementation partners and sub-contractors of IKI projects but also interested members of the public or other donors. Anyone who would like to know more about IKI’s gender strategy and its implementation is welcome to contact the help desk.

What happens when you contact the help desk?

The IKI office at ZUG has gender focal points for each sector across all funding areas of the IKI. These gender focal points regularly monitor the e-mail address and respond to your queries or forward them to the responsible unit.

What questions can be answered?

  • All general questions about IKI’s gender strategy and its implementation, especially regarding requirements and tools.
  • For inquiries directly relating to a specific IKI project, please contact your project managers in the first place, who will consult, if necessary, with the gender focal points.
  • For inquiries regarding funding opportunities and open calls for proposals, please contact