Interlinkages between climate, biodiversity and energy


At the 5th IKI Network Workshop in Indonesia, government representatives and organizations talked about their efforts for and the close links between climate, biodiversity and the energy transition.

After three years of online formats, the 5th IKI Indonesia Networking Workshop was held on 9 October 2023 in Jakarta with the presence of more than 110 participants from IKI projects, consortium partners, and government representatives from Indonesia and Germany. Around 20 attendees joined online.

Collective efforts are crucial in addressing climate change

“This event (the 5th IKI networking workshop) marks an important milestone and shows a strong collaboration between the Indonesian and German governments, as well as with other development partners. We believe that collective efforts are crucial in addressing climate change, biodiversity, and energy transition”, said Dr. Vivi Yulaswati, MSc, Deputy Minister for Maritime Affairs and Natural Resources, Ministry of National Development Planning during her opening remarks. H.E. Mr Thomas Graf, Deputy Head of Mission, Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany in Indonesia also continued by saying “The world we live in is marvellous in its biological and physical systems. As humans, we have passed thousands of years trying to figure out the relations between plants, animals, and ourselves. In 2023, we are far from knowing it all, but one thing we know for sure is that the interlinkages are everywhere”.

Networking opportunity for ministry representatives and organizations implementing IKI projects

The workshop offered space for representatives from the BMWK and BMUV, as well as ZUG, to introduce the new IKI Strategy and other relevant updates, and to interact and get to know the organizations implementing IKI projects. These organizations had the chance to discuss and analyse some of their challenges and concerns, such as sustainability of projects, administrative hurdles, and opportunities for knowledge and networking, which they raised to the IKI representatives present there for feedback and further discussion.

Discussing interlinkages

The special round table on the Interlinkages between Climate, Biodiversity, and Energy was moderated by Andhyta F. Utami (Afu) from Think Policy, featuring Ir. Medrilzam, M.Prof. Econ, Ph.D (BAPPENAS), Agus Rusly, S.Pi, M.Si. (KLHK), Tony Susandy, S.T., M.B.A. (KESDM), Constanze Böning (BMWK), Kilian Schubert (BMUV), and Dr. Perdinan (Bogor Agricultural University). The speakers presented their perspectives on these interlinkages and the relevance of addressing these three aspects in an interconnected manner. Some key takeaways from the round table are the importance of advocating for more synergies across the ministries towards the three issues. These could be achieved by promoting integrated collaboration; identifying tools, knowledge, and resources from each sector ministry to bring up to the table, and by staying open to innovation, e.g. by engaging young generations and local communities to help in formulating the interlinkages.

Showcasing knowledge and local communities’ products

The IKI marketplace, showcasing the four IKI funding areas which are mitigation, adaptation, forestry (REDD+) and biodiversity, allowed IKI implementers to highlight their project activities. Some 15 IKI projects participated with mini booths showing their knowledge products (research, report, infographic) and local communities’ products (handicrafts, honey, coffee, organic fertilizer, among others).

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