PANORAMA –the ongoing development of the global partnership

The platform is continuously growing with new partners, new thematic areas and an increasing number of users.

PANORAMA – Solutions for a Healthy Planet is a global partnership promoting replicable solutions across a range of conservation and development topics. Currently, PANORAMA operates within five thematic communities: protected areas, marine and coastal, ecosystem-based adaptation, agriculture and biodiversity and business engagement. In order to increase the platform's reach and range of topics and to further enable cross-sectoral learning, the partnership is continuously working on acquiring new partners and users through (online) events and activities and to set up new thematic communities.

Through the International Climate Initiative (IKI), the German Federal Ministry for the Environment (BMU) has been the key donor to the partnership. Several IKI funded projects made a significant contribution to the development of the initiative and at the beginning of 2020 the partnership was directly funded with a further 2 million euros.

Knowledge sharing platform for the IKI projects in Latin America and the Caribbean

On September 23rd, the PANORAMA partnership together with the IKI interface projects from Brazil, Colombia, Perú, Mexico and Central America/Caribbean held an online seminar. The seminar was attended by about 125 participants representing various implementing organizations of IKI projects in Latin America and the Caribbean (including Oroverde, CATIE, UNDP, UN Environment, IUCN and GIZ).

The main goals of the seminar were to introduce the PANORAMA partnership to the participants and to showcase its potential as a knowledge management tool among the IKI projects. Sharing best practices and lessons learned can inspire mutual learning and replication in other contexts, sectors and countries. Making use of the panorama initiative holds a great potential for project implementers to foster the exchange of knowledge and experience within the different thematic fields of work.

Throughout the seminar, participants were encouraged to actively use PANORAMA as a tool to search for existing solutions that address similar challenges to their own projects and to contribute solutions from their work to the platform.

Overall, the participants showed great interest in the platform, in the possibilities to participate in the PANORAMA initiative and in addition to the extension of PANORAMA towards a new thematic community on climate change mitigation and NDC implementation.

Launch of the new Nature-Culture thematic community

The launch of the new Nature-Culture thematic community is a successful example of a current expansion of PANORAMA into a new topic. The community was launched on October 7, 2020 during the Australia ICOMOS Marker Event.

The Nature-Culture thematic community will promote place-based and people-centered solutions with a focus on the relationship of nature and culture. This includes nature conservation in places that are valued for their cultural significance or places listed as World Heritage sites. As part of the new thematic community, ICCROM and ICOMOS are joining the global PANORAMA partnership and will co-coordinate the community together with IUCN.

Get to know PANORAMA - Invitation to a virtual seminar

For more information on the new Nature-Culture thematic community, feel free to join the webinar “PANORAMA Nature-Culture Thematic Community - Sharing practices and learning from heritage places” on October 22 2020, 12 pm CEST.

More information on the platform, possible ways to contribute to and make use of successful solutions on the platform can be found here!

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