Youth participation in climate policy: Global NDC Conference and SBs

A young woman stands in a conference room clapping her hands over her head

The IKI supports young people with educational programmes, skills training and active participation in climate change mitigation and biodiversity conservation.

People between the age of 15 to 30 years make up the largest demographic in IKI partner countries. This part of the population is disproportionately affected by the climate and biodiversity crisis, while also indispensable for achieving the global transformation of society, the economy and politics.

Financial support for the participation in international climate policy forums is one of the main goals being pursued by many youth organisations. In support of this, the IKI is inviting and financing 11 young people from different countries to participate at the Global NDC Conference 2023 and attend the first week of the interim climate negotiations (Subsidiary Bodies, SBs) in Bonn.

The Global NDC Conference 2023 will be held from 31 May to 2 June in Berlin. During the three-day conference, the youth representatives will have active roles that are included in programme. As representatives of international and national youth networks and founders of local youth initiatives, they will bring a wide range of experience and the voice of their generation to the table. Various sessions will be provided where they can contribute their expertise and viewpoints in a range of fields as conference speakers, on topics such as the fair energy transition, access to climate finance and access to participative processes for the implementation of nationally determined contributions (NDCs).

Networking evening for international and German young people 

As conference delegates, the young people also have the opportunity to network and discuss ideas with government representatives from over 40 countries, civil society, private sector actors and international organisations. On 2 June, the IKI will also be hosting an international networking evening for international and German young people, with the aim of promoting debate amongst them on climate change mitigation and biodiversity conservation.

After attending the Global NDC Conference, the sponsored youth delegates will travel from Berlin to Bonn to participate in the interim climate negotiations. As the knowledge leaders and decision-makers of tomorrow, this will allow them to contribute to contemporary climate policy forums.

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