Territories of Life: 2021 report

06/2021 | Report

This report is the first global analysis of the estimated extent and conservation value of ICCAs. The purpose of this analysis is to bring together the best available information to create a global data layer that specifically represents the estimated spatial extent of potential ICCAs. It builds on and complements the State of Indigenous Peoples’ and Local Communities’ Lands and Territories’ report (State of IPLC report, 2021) by adapting its dataset on IPLCs to create a dataset of “potential” ICCAs (a subset of IPLCs). It provides extensive technical and scientific evidence required to strengthen key aspects of the post-2020 global biodiversity framework and its implementation. The report argues that if we are to “live in harmony with nature”, we must work in partnership with Indigenous Peoples and local communities, and that the new biodiversity targets will only be achieved through a rights-based approach and a truly respectful and equitable collaboration between Indigenous Peoples, local communities, governments, conservation practitioners and private actors. 

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