IKI Medium Grants

Through thematic and country-specific selection procedures, IKI primarily funds large-volume projects that aim to accelerate the transformation to a sustainable, low-emissions economy and supply structure. However, implementing the Paris Agreement and the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) also requires increasing the capacity of smaller civil society actors in developing and emerging countries as well as the effective participation of all social groups.

The IKI Medium Grants funding programme therefore addresses civil society actors based in Germany that work in collaboration with local partners in selected ODA-eligible implementing countries to put measures in place to intensify North-South cooperation on climate action, adaptation to the impacts of climate change and biodiversity conservation. The programme explicitly aims to strengthen civil society actors and their international networks. Specifically, IKI Medium Grants support project activities that address innovative, bottom-up contributions for implementing the Paris Agreement and the Convention on Biological Diversity. To achieve this, the BMU sets varying funding priorities each year, for which interested parties can apply with innovative project ideas.

The selection procedure for IKI Medium Grants is in two stages. In the first stage, project outlines are submitted. After positive assessment, comprehensive project proposals are elaborated in the second stage of the procedure.


Eligible implementing organisation: Funding is available for non-profit civil society organisations (non-governmental organisations, associations, foundations, think tanks) and academic institutions (universities and research institutions), as well as non-profit companies headquartered and operating in Germany. Projects are to be implemented in collaboration with a maximum of two local implementing organisations in up to two selected ODA countries.

Funding amount: EUR 300,000 – 800,000

Funding duration: 24 – 36 months

Call project outlines open for submission

IKI Medium Grants selection procedure 2021

The combined impacts of climate change and the COVID-19 pandemic pose a multidimensional challenge to both humans and ecosystems and exacerbates pressure on environmental and socioeconomic systems.

Therefore, this year's thematic funding priorities for the 2021 IKI Medium Grants selection procedure focus on resilience of local populations in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic and climate change adaptation, as well as strengthening participatory processes for ambitious climate action.

Project outlines can be submitted until 24 May, 2021.

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Call project outlines under review

There are no project outlines currently at the assessment stage.

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IKI Medium Grants selection procedure 2020

In the first selection procedure of IKI Medium Grants in 2020, 11 project outlines were selected, reflecting the thematic funding priorities in energy, city, mobility and biodiversity. All these projects are currently in the second stage of the selection procedure. Project proposals are currently being elaborated and reviewed by ZUG.

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