Adaptation to Effects of Climate Change and COVID-19 for Communities in Gedo Region of South- Central Somalia

Prolonged exposure to climate shocks has negatively affected communities in Somalia making it difficult for already vulnerable people to cope with adverse effects of climate change and the COVID-19 pandemic. The resilience capabilities are reduced, forcing people to rely on humanitarian assistance and environmentally damaging livelihood. Additionally, there are severe environmental challenges related to land degradation, increasing aridity, overgrazing and water scarcity. The project aims to enhance resilience of communities by increasing access to water, promoting livelihoods, food security and building capacity on disaster risk reduction and environment conservation. This will be achieved by construction of water facilities, training on income generating activities, promotion of climate smart agriculture, and training on disaster risk strategies. Through a community led approach and building local capacity all activities have potential for replication after the end of the project.

Project data

IKI funding
800,000.00 €
08/2022 till 07/2024
Implementing organisation
arche noVa - Initiative for People in Need e.V.


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