Adapted management of ecosystems to prevent coastal erosion in a changing climate

Significant sections of Colombia’s Caribbean coastline are increasingly threatened by coastal erosion. This project is using ecosystem-based coastal protection measures to reduce the susceptibility of communities to extreme weather events and sea level rise. This is achieved by identifying ecosystems in significant need of protection – with a particular focus on mangrove forests, coral reefs and seagrass beds. The project is also developing management plans for these ecosystems, measures for their protection and plans for adapted use. Plans are being developed for the rehabilitation of ecosystems and raising awareness among relevant stakeholders about the ecological and economic significance of coastal areas. Important industry sectors such as sustainable fishing and tourism also benefit from intact ecosystems. National planning strategies can also be used to transfer the project approach to other sections of the coastline.

Project data

IKI funding
8,000,000.00 €
07/2018 till 06/2024
Implementing organisation
KfW Entwicklungsbank
Political Partner
  • Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development (MADS) - Colombia
Implementing Partner
  • Association of Regional Autonomous Corporations and for Sustainable Development (ASOCARS) - Colombia
  • Corporation for the Sustainable Development of Urabá (CORPOURUBA) - Colombia
  • Regional Autonomous Corporation of La Guajira (CORPOGUAJIRA) - Colombia
  • Regional Autonomous Corporation of Magdalena (CORPAMAG) - Colombia
  • Regional Autonomous Corporation of the Valleys of the Sinú and San George (CVS) – Colombia


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