Last updated: November 2023

The country is one of the priority countries with which the International Climate Initiative (IKI) maintains a particularly close cooperation.

View over the Andes

Colombia is one of the most biodiverse countries in the world: about ten percent of the world's species are at home there. The protection of these species and the preservation of their habitats is therefore also of great interest on an international level. The country is repeatedly influenced by armed conflicts and in the past few years also by social unrest. The security situation, in particular for human rights and environmental activists but also for indigenous population groups, is difficult, especially in rural regions.

Interface project

Most priority countries of the IKI also engage in so-called IKI interface projects, which have permanent project offices in the capital city of the respective country. Alongside their own, country-specific project commission, these interface projects are also tasked with maintaining close contact to environment and climate ministries as well as networking with other relevant ministries in the field of climate and biodiversity policy. Beyond this, the interface projects also work to network all of the IKI projects in the country and region together so as to promote synergies.

The interface function is currently taken over by the project NDC Policy Programme.

Project priorities

  • Climate change resilient value chains (maize, meat and milk): Implementation of pilot measures for the mitigation of greenhouse gas emissions in two departments of Colombia.
  • Strengthening of the national climate monitoring system (MRV and M&E): Strengthening of the monitoring system for greenhouse gas emissions and adaptation measures in order to enable transparent and adequate reporting on measures for climate change mitigation in the country.
  • Strengthening of the framework conditions for the coordinated implementation of the NDC: Linking of the NDC to sectoral strategies, such as the climate change management plan for the environmental sector (Plan Integral de Gestión de Cambio Climático Sectorial PIGCCS Ambiente) and the schedule for the national action plan on climate change and gender.
  • Strengthening of the skills of strategic players: training sessions and courses on topics such as climate change, agriculture, communication and gender.
  • Support for Colombia in the preparation of a strategy for the promotion of sustainable and integrative growth.
  • Function as an IKI interface: Promotion of dialogue on climate and biodiversity between the IKI projects in the country as well as between other actors (networking opportunities and knowledge management). 

In a nutshell

Region: South America 

Population: 51.9 million (World Bank, 2022)

CO2eq emissions (incl. LUCF): 270.3 million t (ClimateWatch, 2020)

CO2eq emissions per capita (incl. LUCF): 5.3 t (ClimateWatch, 2020) 

Total energy supply (IRENA, 2020):

  • 26 % RE (51 % Bioenergy - 49 % Hydro/marine)
  • 37 % Oil
  • 25 % Gas
  • 11 % Coal + others

IKI projects in the country (last updated in November 2023)

  • bilateral: 8 ongoing, 13 completed
  • regional: 9 ongoing, 15 completed
  • global: 25 ongoing, 41 completed


NDC partnership: country page

IKI partner ministries:

  • Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development (Minambiente)
  • Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development
  • Ministry of Mining and Energy
  • Ministry of Transport
  • Ministry of Housing, City and Territory
  • National Planning Department
  • Ministry of Finance and Public Credit
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs

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