Increasing resilience and rural livelihoods of most vulnerable farmer households in Antanambao Manampotsy district, Madagascar

Madagascar is one of the countries most affected by climate change, exposed to natural risks such as cyclones, floods and droughts. The project aims to contribute to the implementation of the National Program of Action for Climate Change Adaptation by increasing the resilience of vulnerable farmer communities in the District of Antanambao-Manampotsy. The project will promote climate adapted agricultural practices, contribute to improving water infrastructure and establish community committees on local climate change adaptation. Focusing on the grassroots level, the project addresses adaptation needs identified at community level and aims to develop a replicable concept for transferring the project approach to other regions. It strengthens the capacities and cooperation between key stakeholders on the local, regional and national levels to foster replication and upscaling of local climate change adaption plans.

Project data

IKI funding
800,000.00 €
09/2022 till 08/2025
Implementing organisation
German Red Cross


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