Regional and child-centred climate change adaptation in Southeast Asia

The project aimed at tackling the negative impact of climate change in the Southeast Asian target countries by enhancing the ability of children and young people in these nations to adapt. Activities focused on the causes and effects of climate change and on ways of adapting to it. By integrating these topics into the education systems, local development planning processes and adaptation strategies, the project seeked to assist children and young people with adapting to the consequences of climate change in their everyday lives. A paradigm shift was initiated among the young population by integrating climate change knowledge into curricula. Children and young people were able to take part in bringing about child-centred, community-based transformation that improves their lives. They were enabled to pass on their knowledge and work with their communities to implement local adaptation initiatives. Through lobbying work at local and national level, the project extended its impact further.

Project data

Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand
IKI funding
2,786,114.41 €
10/2015 till 12/2018
Implementing organisation
Plan International Deutschland e.V. - Deutschland
Political Partner
  • Climate Change Commission (CCC) - Philippines
  • Ministry of Education - Thailand
  • Ministry of National Education - Indonesia
  • Southeast Asian Ministers of Education Organization (SEAMEO) - Thailand
  • TUNZA South East Asia Youth Environment Network (SEAYEN) - Thailand
Implementing Partner
  • Capacity Improvement of Community in Namfang Basin (CIC) - Thailand
  • Highland People Education and Development Foundation (HP-DEF) - Thailand
  • Lembaga Perkumpulan Relawan CIS Timor (CIS Timor) - Indonesia
  • Plan International - Indonesia
  • Plan International - Philippines
  • Plan International - Thailand
  • Plan International Asia Regional Office (ARO) - Asia
  • Society for Disaster Management (PMPB) - Indonesia

State of implementation/results

  • Development of an educational game with six modules on adaptation to climate change
  • Awareness material on climate education distributed at Scout National Jamboree in Indonesia with 10,000 participating children. Pupils from 13 schools participate in a reforestation campagin of the district
  • The Tolosa community in the Philippines which was supported by the proejct to develop its Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Plan won the recognition "Seal of Good Local Governance" from the national government.
  • The participatory vulnerability analysis in Fang, Thailand, convinced the farmers to turn agricultural residues into organic fertilizer instead of burning them. This reduces the risk of forest fires.
  • Art exhibition on climate change with objects created by children launched

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