Global Nature – protecting the earth’s riches

'Global Nature' is a series of TV reports that gives a vivid insight into exemplary activities in the field of conserving biological diversity in emerging and developing countries. The production of this series was supported through the project. The reporting focuses on projects supported by the International Climate Initiative. Schools and educational institutions around the world can now use DVDs containing these reports as learning materials. The reports can be accessed at any time on a multimedia platform in three languages along with background articles, photo galleries, audio-visual shows and information on key thematic areas. This allows the reports to reach diverse social groups and disseminators, raising awareness about the importance of biological diversity and providing information about practical approaches to its conservation.

Project data

IKI funding
4,006,900.00 €
12/2013 till 04/2017
Implementing organisation
Deutsche Welle (DW)
Political Partner
  • Diverse biodiversity relevant institutions in the respective partner countries/Diverse biodiversitätsrelevante Institutionen in den entsprechenden Partnerländern

State of implementation/results

  • Project completed
  • 115 Global Nature television-shows produced in the project present measurements for protecting biodiversity. Mainly IKI-funded projects are part of this media coverage.
  • On average Global Nature online have 55.034 clicks per month, 219.785 Youtube-clicks, 342.300 Facebook-followers and 20.806 Twitter-followers.
  • More than 177 schools all over the word use Global Nature products as teaching materials.
  • The pageflow “Saigas in distress” received three international awards.
  • Worldwide use of Global Nature films and reports in schools, associations, zoos and zoo schools, state agencies for the environment, as well as Goethe Institutes.

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